Shanghai Dragon on the misunderstandings and Strategies of the construction of the chain

chain construction in Shanghai Longfeng optimal proportion is very high, is one of the decisive factors in Shanghai Longfeng optimization work success, but many Shanghai dragon ER in the chain construction entered a misunderstanding. Now we talk about Shanghai Longfeng optimization misunderstandings and Strategies of the construction of foreign chain, hoping to arouse our vigilance, do the chain construction work. Now let’s take a look at what errors in the construction of the chain:

this sentence itself is not wrong, but unable to do so when the site just built, because it does not comply with the law of the development of the website, all of a sudden there are many outside the chain of high quality, to cause the search engine to doubt. Everything is a matter of degree, in the capacity of the site, the weight of the site itself, how much do you decide the extent of the chain. For example, if it is a very cattle industry leading website, there are hundreds of thousands of the chain, is settling down after a few years time, it is the construction of the chain is normal; but you are a new, short time as there are so many outside the chain, everyone knows that there is a problem, and search engine the engine in this regard than the more shrewd. read more

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Chunshuitang head Lin Degang never think of themselves as the electricity supplierUser positioning i

I was honest guy, just pretend to be cool, work on time every day in Western dress and leather shoes, home dog kind. Why do interesting appliances supplier?. I’ve been in the Internet business before, and this fits my skills. Moreover, I really did not have money, personal assets in less than ten thousand, the registration license when the thirty thousand is borrowed from my buddies. At first, the goods are not in stock, I give wholesalers ahead of money, and some people buy things sent to the past to take, and Qian Yongguang made up the money. read more

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The analysis of causes of the flow of Google medical station more than love Shanghai

third: he did stand there for some time, but also a lot of optimization project, the reason why there is such a phenomenon, and not his choice of keywords is too biased, it should be said that the high index of the word do not go up, these low index word ranking while traffic co..

treatment of psoriasis best hospital optimization stone carefully watched his back cnzz code, see these days are almost found traffic sources, so there is no accidental phenomenon, since a flow will look at these words through what traffic is over, check under carefully pondered over the reasons that specific I think, there will be such a strange phenomenon is divided into several reasons: read more

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Do the keywords layout strategy must know three points

home page and column page layout can be at most three to five words, do not be greedy, decorate a lot of words, this web page to highlight the theme. Column page and page list is the same reason, the article page, finally just arranged a keyword, each article before the creation, to choose a keyword, and then around the keywords to creation, make the theme prominent, reached in the page ranking effect.

site optimization planning, writing content, are decided by the keyword research results to a great extent, each site for a clear set of keywords to organize and distribute content. Keywords research more, content planning more smoothly. Every one of the words (web page classification and home) must determine the target page, is the key to correspond to -URL. read more

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Shanghai Longfeng optimization worthy of collection sites, there is always what you want

Lu Songsong: song song to tell you about the blog webmaster that something, Lu Songsong blog is a concern of small and medium-sized entrepreneurs, owners, search engines, web promotion media blog, is a collection of the website.

Lu Songsong blog, wood Shanghai dragon blog, blog, blog, A5 moon Feng Yaozong Huang Zhong blog, blog, tension Shanghai Longfeng every one, Beijing blog, blog, Mou Changqing scholar Qin Gang blog…

The third party blog:

people always do not understand, people cannot do without the circle, circle, all of the family, school, society, friends, classmates, teachers, parents, Passers-A, b… read more

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Dead link two or three step processing after the revision of the website

two, 404 page

comprehensive view, the optimal method we adopt is the combination of the second and the third step. So after the revision of the flow loss is not so serious and can be gradually restored after the revision of the website weight. The fairy pocket 贵族宝贝okautumn贵族宝贝 finishing editing, reproduced please keep the source.

interworking The

method also belong to the mainstream, because the original was collected page, put all the dead links are converted to a 404 error page, then setting up 404 pages, to guide the user to enter after the revision of the website, make some loss of flow from a return effect. Of course, we’d better let your visitors click to enter the site, page 404 to 10 seconds countdown jump. About why the best let users click on the link to the new site and not to jump directly to the new site, which is a renovation, there are also many online articles on the subject, I am not here to say. The 404 page settings can be adopted for example below this way: read more

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