Large scale flow station operation

For example,

1. regional classification


, how to carry out the industry segments

general machinery industry can use according to classification, without considering the regional classification, because some of our machinery manufacturing industry is relatively concentrated, such as broken.

for example, some of our products have different purposes, users also have different use requirements of

station is a lot of our Shanghai dragon have to operate in the medium term, through the station to continue to expand our long tail keywords ranking, is a matter for our main flow and weight lifting. But a lot of the time we do station group was identified as search engine cheating, for stations in our sub station location and classification is very important, if we randomly divided classification may be repeated contents into a garbage site, today to share with you how to locate the station group. read more

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Shanghai Longfeng chain from the Google bomb that

3) are link pages generally do not contain the keywords, content and the key words are largely independent of

1) external links is an important factor in ranking of

sum up, what we can get to work effectively today Shanghai Longfeng enlightenment from Google bomb in

?The chain of

is not a Google bomb or hacker network attacks. Most of them are for practical joke, do Shanghai Longfeng experiment. The most famous Google bomb occurred on 2003 at the white house. In October 2003, George · Johnson (GeorgeJohnston) successfully called for "miserablefailure" (failures) the keywords as anchor text, link to the White House website of President Bush’s personal introduction page. Two months later, search for "miserablefailure" when this noble baby, Bush’s rise to the first page, search for "failure" is the first. In this page, whether it is miserable, failure, or miserablefailure, are not mentioned. read more

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The new website optimization rules to optimize the long-term follow industry

first, must not engage in illegal business. We know that the optimization ability and your income is proportional to this is, as everyone knows, but I found a lot of friends after accumulating some experience began to forget it, for example, try to do some grey industry, the industry is very huge, this is self-evident, but I still advise you who must abide by the law, law the red line is absolutely not to be trampled by the police, once locked, your father and mother, and what will you do with them, so a good old saying, the gentleman’s love of money, take a road, only follow the way of heaven, perform personnel, in order to establish their own long-term foundation, can let oneself go farther. read more

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The chain extension of the four principles do do fine do new wide


Principle three: do fine


many webmaster is in the forum, classified information, directory submission, B2B these places do the chain promotion, because this is the most basic, the most simple. If there is a heart in doing so, one can probably do a 200-300 chain a day. The quantitative change will determine the qualitative change, the law of large numbers is still applicable in the chain promotion. Take the sales, even if the communication ability is poor salesman, as long as he continuously meet the customer, there is always out of the list. In Shanghai dragon industry, the number is also very applicable in some areas. read more

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A reasonable set of love Shanghai bidding reduce peer malicious Click

We all know that The Internet is very influential in the development of ?

network is China, has traveled the Chinese on both sides of the Changjiang River thousands of households. The China has more than 500 million Internet users, and increased year by year. In this 500 million users, 75% of Internet users love Shanghai as a search engine to search for their own needs, so love Shanghai to become the world’s largest Chinese search engine on the lack of surprise. By Forbes list Chinese, in recent years can be seen, people have begun to go beyond the network entities, 2011 love Shanghai Robin Li has become the richest man in mainland China. Love Shanghai so make money, first is because of love Shanghai has such a large user groups, the main source of his income is Shanghai auction by love. read more

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Self diagnosis why the original content has not be included

four, Links not friendly to

if the site is new, and in the review period, so the owners can not tangle not included in the original content of the confusion. Because the site is need time to study, as long as you keep the original content of the site is updated regularly with high quality, it won’t be long before you will be included in the search engine will put out. In other words, the original content of your site has been included in Shanghai love, not just for a short time site. This time the owners do not keep updating, the general work not completed, the fastest will be half a month to query results included. read more

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Love Shanghai search butterfly action, so that high-quality new talent shows itself from the Red Sea

love Shanghai Webmaster Platform butterfly action successfully held 2 sessions, many emerging high quality website search butterfly, significant growth in traffic, but also for financing entrepreneurs endorsement, investors pay close attention to and have the following financing cooperation.

Webmaster Platform butterfly action, compared to the previous activities and more upgrades, to participate in the butterfly action station, Shanghai station will be added to protect the love search list, from capture, collection, sorting, online "show some support to the railway station, etc.. read more

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Your website snapshot still not back to normal.

your website snapshot still not back to normal


if the space is not stable, extremely easy to cause the site to drop right by K, love the stars take a website as an example for analysis: www.shengongnu贵族宝贝 this site is the space service provider hosted in a foreign, but because of the space will be due, so they will be transferred to another website space service providers on the server, and the domain name to the. This is all in the original space is not due to the case. Shanghai will normally love spiders crawl the site data of new space, but did not expect the spider to crawl the original data on the server, as shown below: read more

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Talk about how to get classified information network two big puleses

boutique advertising for advertising brand marketing. pulse?

in the early promotion may not.

service featuresSince the

said here boutique advertising is relative to the number of merchants and randomness of advertising form, name card, DM and the like, because it will be easier for the people to accept; advertising means for different groups should be targeted propaganda, such as students, it is not for the name card, in addition for residents, if you use the name card promotion will also increase the cost, increase the difficulty of promoting. On the other hand, another embodiment of advertising is the brand, if blindly through the leaflets to promote, will be counterproductive. read more

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Shanghai dragon on the principle of the Ministry of Railways ticketing websites

1. user experience. Said the Ministry of Railways website access speed is slow, often not open. And payment success but could not get the ticket. Only use the IE browser to open, other browsers can not open or not stable. Slow access speed, often not open, the bandwidth is not enough, or the server is not good enough. Successful payment failed to book the ticket, the database has obvious problems. Only IE to a normal visit, that web design is not reasonable, compatibility is not high. These are the user experience of the fatal problem. If not resolved, will lose the user drain phenomenon may in general website. Of course, as the Ministry of Railways ticketing website, are not afraid of what the customer churn problem. read more

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Case analysis the site is down right

Small update

1, love Shanghai to adjust their own reasons, this is generally don’t need to do what is waiting for the ranking recovery, a lot of websites later did restore the ranking.


2, the website itself reason: for this reason the site itself has said, from the station outside the station, but also to distinguish the reasons why the reason: the domain name Ranking Ranking (old name has advantages, Ranking Ranking) content (some reason for construction site ranking is obtained by the station within capacity building station Ranking Ranking) the construction of the chain causes (some website ranking is completely rely on the chain out of the top ranking) Links reasons (some website ranking is basically rely on the anchor text Links would support, Links is a relatively high quality of the anchor text), of course if your website is ranked above it the name of the drop, easy, one reason is K, can be through the addition of several top up, but if your ranking is single above, it can really restore To say, so here warn rankings do, must consider various conditions, the station has to be done outside the station to do, a recent tendency is obvious, since this year is love Shanghai new algorithm release, a lot of people focus on read more

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How to taste this dish dishes optimization love Shanghai

site title and keywords is like a hotel door, if the hotel door is written XXX You’ll see. fish shop, so this is certainly do fish, so when you go to eat well, the next time someone asks you a fish shop, you may recommend it. But what happens when you enter the XXX grilled fish store ready to eat fish, but the waiter said to you this is a clothes shop, then you certainly will not recommend to your friends go to the shop to eat fish.

when we go to a restaurant for dinner, it’s easy to make an evaluation to the hotel, is very good taste, generally, or is very poor, so when we recommend to friends to dinner place, we will feel good places to recommend to them. Love Shanghai ranking is so similar, love will go to Shanghai site grab content, then give an evaluation, and then to make its ranking, when someone else to love sea search will be according to the ranking. read more

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Shanghai dragon in your eyes what

You may know

real Shanghai dragon is a search engine to do things, Shanghai dragon do is search engine standards in the promotion, so we have to learn the correct methods, put their own website to build into the user’s favorite websites, and then adapt to search engine standards in Shanghai dragon’s help, finally you will have a users love, search ranking website, this is a win-win situation, not to say that all people have different opinions, this article from the original Wahaha products list 贵族宝贝fxjs.5d6d贵族宝贝, please indicate. read more

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The electronic commerce website to share the experience of mining long tail keywords

third on the background of website statistics, from this place to see our website at different time in all search keywords, you can select and expand from this place.

format. In the data mining should be discovered that some long tail did not appear similar to " the price of certain cosmetics "," a certain skin care how much money "," where a place to buy certain cosmetics". Here if we do long tail keywords themselves directly can think up. Here we need to apply a fixed format. read more

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A monthly income of 20 thousand Shanghai dragon is how tempered – fall to the bottom

familiar words, big one officer killed people ah, the site is still being operated, the east west change change, a lot of flash was put up, the results did not 10s clock, site could not be opened. Because of the speed of the page opened slowly, the bounce rate rose sharply, the website rankings are also gradually began to decline, now think of it without a sigh no culture is terrible.

due to the decline in traffic to the site, the higher for our department to go to a meeting, I was named the direct reason, probably at this time that touched the political struggle inside the concrete, don’t explain, you know. Finally put the site to the back, of course, are the site to recover within one month. Anyway give yourself a chance, due to frequent revision, site restoration after a month. " read more

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Talk about the number of pages included with the keyword ranking is proportional to the

. This article for example we released in Shanghai and Google seems to be useful, because Google basically see the page on the land, and the love of Shanghai is not, he is to determine whether there is the value of the search, we often say that the love, attention to the content of Shanghai. So, if a website only dozens of articles, love Shanghai would not have included thousands of article. For example, my own blog, basically do is to update the original article, so the number included in the above certainly will see very little, but we have another data analysis, a total of 115 articles included in my blog article a total of 87 articles minus, also more out of 28. It is said in the form of about 28 pages. Although we can not say is included 100% included, but included rate is not low. read more

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Examples of sites included three major reasons for the sharp decline of the



included the sharp decline of the effect

is the biggest blow to the webmaster in website optimization website ranking is decreased, and the amount collected every second hit is to look at the site are in decline, more terrible is the website included quantity suddenly reduced half. I was also the misfortune. Relatively speaking, the website included the decline is a reason, and also to find these reasons. As for the website included decreased precursor is not is down right, sometimes may be because the website, which had previously been included as invalid link, and the search engine also behoove them were deleted from the database. As for the website included decreased, which is the main reason? Today I take my own experience to talk about the website included several reasons for the sharp decline of the. read more

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How to modify the products within the content of the page


first, how to modify a


pages within the page changes, from inside the top of the page, has been modified, because most of the content and other special steam network >

? ? The title and description of [

1.A lot of people in the

website, the page title and description of the product is not repaired, resulting in the search engine grab, grab free description, with the title do not match, some Shanghai dragon Er feel very small things, but this is the details, search engines will pay attention to this point. read more

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The concept of what is the Shanghai – Shanghai dragon dragon

Search Engine Optimization English Shanghai dragon is the abbreviation Chinese means "search engine optimization". In fact, simple point is Shanghai dragon is the technology and process of high quality web traffic from natural search results.

complex point more rigorous speaking is based in Shanghai Longfeng understand the search engine ranking system, internal and external adjustment and optimization of the site, improve the site in the search engine keyword ranking, the more high quality set down, so as to achieve the sales target and the brand construction site. read more

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How to analyze competitor external links

any industry will encounter competitors, we do Shanghai Longfeng is, when you do website ranking hard, no two days is to squeeze down competitors, do not believe Shanghai Longfeng a depressed, so we need time dynamic moment of concentration of competitors, in order to we promptly adjusted, especially for competitors to understand what Shanghai Longfeng degree and Shanghai Longfeng strategy is therefore especially to see a competitor’s site to obtain rapid ranking, but I do not know how to do is make up, it will make us depressed, following on from my own experience to explain how to analyze the external links of competitors. read more

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