After Effects Shortcut: Close All Open Compositions

first_imgReset your workspace by closing all open comps in After Effects with this handy shortcut.If you’re working with a complex After Effects project (comps in comps in comps) you can quickly clear your workspace by closing all open compositions.The following 1 minute video tutorial by the always enthusiastic Baker, of BakersTuts, explains how to do it (written explanation below). For more After Effects tutorials subscribe to Baker’s frequently updated YouTube channel.Command + W on Mac (or Control + W on PC) is the default shortcut to close windows, tabs, etc in most applications. So, when you have a composition selected in After Effects and use the CMD + W shortcut it will close that window.Now, add Shift to that shortcut and you can close all AE comps:Got an After Effects shortcut you absolutely rely on?Share your fave AE shortcuts in the comments below!last_img