Group hopes others plug into electriccar movement

first_imgRichard Hovey of Vancouver fastened his seat belt behind the wheel of Bill Moore’s 2016 Tesla Model X and prepared to back it out of its parking space Sunday afternoon. He appeared surprised.“I didn’t have to start the motor,” Hovey remarked as the car began to move.“Well, you did when you put your foot on the brake pedal,” Moore, of Beaverton, Ore., explained from the front passenger seat.The $114,000 electric sport-utility vehicle left the Clark Public Utilities parking lot, and Hovey took it for a spin around the Fort Vancouver National Historic Site. Moore’s electric vehicle and more than 15 others were on display in the utility’s lot as part of National Drive Electric Week.“It’s so quiet. Amazing,” passenger Laura Meyer of Vancouver said.The Tesla’s passenger doors open upward, much like the DeLorean of “Back to the Future” fame. Its windshield curves up and over the two front seats. It can go zero to 60 mph in 4.8 seconds, and it takes less than an hour to fully charge. On a recent trip from Beaverton to Bellingham, it had to be charged once in Centralia, Moore said.Moore said he puts his Tesla on display “to show that an electric car is a real car,” he said. Also, “we need to be off fossil fuels.”After the test drive, Hovey called the vehicle “amazing.” He said he likes to drive long distances and concluded that if he did buy an electric vehicle, it might have to be an electric-gas hybrid so he wouldn’t have to charge it as often.last_img