How to optimize base station link

A5 station network in Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis team to customers in the diagnosis of the site, found that many customers love with pictures and JS drop-down menu, the dragon from Shanghai’s point of view, is not friendly to the search engine, at present, the search engine spiders love or text links, the spider can successfully capture, specific the content also allows users to clearly see the column, the user is friendly, the user can see at a glance that the focus of the web site, greatly improves the user experience of the website. read more

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Case a machinery enterprise website based in Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis

2, website keywords. Keywords tag can be said to have not considered within the scope of the search engine, the previous time many webmaster is through the keywords to do rankings, when the Web2.0 is not so important, but also love Shanghai search engine optimization guide also explicitly given keywords, description tag is not within the scope of the search engine optimization.


recently love Shanghai algorithm is updated frequently, a large number of enterprise website was severely punished, performance decline, decline included: weight, not updated snapshot. What love Shanghai why punish these sites? First of all, we know that only part of the site of Shanghai love punishment but not all sites, since only the punishment part of the site, as can be imagined to be punished website most problems, more or less sites, and these problems are likely to promote the love of Shanghai line algorithm. read more

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Four common ways of enterprises outside the chain of the new station building

Links shoot two hawks with one arrow

want to find new enterprises in the same industry Links is very difficult, but if you can make full use of the hands of the resource in everything is possible, believe that every webmaster in Shanghai dragon industry for some time, there are a lot of natural hand paste, such as: some industry Web site, forum ask, platform and love Shanghai library high level account, to believe that these people have done two years of Shanghai dragon, are the hands of the existing resources, but others may not have, you have, you may hand these seemingly insignificant resources is exactly what people need, therefore, if you want to talk to which site for friendship chain, so in advance you lay a good relationship with him, what he needed, and then throw the odd good, their needs. The company usually won’t have a website, if you are responsible for other old station, it would be better to do, and can be used directly to the old station for the new station, this is the most efficient way. read more

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How to optimize the blog website

second: lack of experience, why their blogs are not ranked

the first point: no excellent writing ability to use knowledge to obtain Shanghai dragon blog included and ranking

this situation will see your execution is enough, unless it is generally some well-known · · it could be a lot of people to pay attention to, so that the general webmaster must adhere to do preparatory work to update the article, to optimize your blog articles, since you do not lack experience, why don’t you know the details will be provided to the people who need them? Persevering execution not only for the new station, the old station is also important, especially in the study of Shanghai Phoenix on the road. People tend to fail and it is not the lack of technology to. read more

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Love Shanghai site exception alerts about on-line website in abnormal remind love in Shanghai


is pleased to inform you, love Shanghai Webmaster Platform website exception message tool to remind everybody long-term attention will be on the line, as long as you in Webmaster Platform submitted a valid contact information, will be able to receive the website in Shanghai in abnormal message reminder, also can timely understand the site abnormal if not in the computer, to avoid the site problem not know timely arising from the loss of flow.

The There is a security vulnerability The The read more

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2012 what is the reason for your site is K

three, special industry caused by K

we do website optimization and fell in love with the sea Doo, and lead the fight, with their inner bucket, almost every day in a fierce struggle, why fight it, because you do not know love Shanghai temper, leading to your own good rankings, also want to work less, more effect, the master ZAC it is also said to have longevity, away from the Shanghai dragon. Good gossip less common following analysis of the website is the cause of the K, you better find your site convenient is the cause of the K. read more

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Network marketing Red Sea competition medical website optimization

Hao – Shanghai – Dragon force from traditional enterprise business solutions www.haoli Shanghai dragon贵族宝贝

No.2 hospital website

maybe we more often more concerned about the medical website in the website optimization keywords ranking and how to have a good effect, but if you can understand the industry status quo to clear, can be easily a lot. The current domestic Internet medical industry websites can be basically divided into two categories. Including health portal, hospital website and drug business website read more

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Dongfeng dream grasp the five aspects of love in Shanghai is no longer difficult seconds

this is very important, a good website structure is conducive to the visitors to understand your site structure and level, more conducive to spider crawling and indexing, recommended "tree home column page -" this here should be simple and not complicated. In order to improve the efficiency to make web spiders crawl, site map and robots file to guide the spider is very necessary, conditional friends try to choose to use static pages, so the more friendly to the spider.

The release of read more

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The 200064 phenomenon on the Shanghai grab love again

station is a revision in the past 3 months ago, the purpose is to revision of the URL standard and simple, also made the web page layout changes, from the revised start site keywords nothing, waiting for my only adhere to the content update and the chain, until last week the site keywords and long tail channel keywords entered 100, from the website to the achievement of experienced a lot, one of which is being covered with terrorism color HTTP status code of 200064, in the monitoring experiment and repeatedly found in a few points causes: read more

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The user first love Shanghai new search optimization and upgrading the user search experience

in addition to love Shanghai in search of its technical innovation, the whole network resource provider with love in search of Shanghai construction of the content of ecology is to enhance the user search experience is very important, the day of the meeting in Southern China covering more than 100 high-quality web site responsible person, and at the same time live online, nearly 800 person in charge of the site while watching.

Dr. Zhu Yong said, following the 2010 after the upgrade, the Baidu Spider upgrade again, will be offline, total based system into full real-time system real-time and incremental computation, the effect is achieved: 90% of the value of the page can be found within a day and grab, timeliness of resources collected every day up to 3 times the original, the new chain recognition model makes love Shanghai in the search results click death rate decreased 90%. read more

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