Sea lion drags little girl off a Vancouverarea dock

first_imgA startling video of an incident on a fisherman’s wharf in Richmond BC is making the rounds on social media.The footage, on YouTube, shows a group of people watching a sea lion play near a dock, and when a young girl sits down, the creature suddenly jumps up and grabs her.The video also clearly shows someone feeding bread crumbs to the sea lion before the incident.The creature comes close and then jumps up, grabs the child’s dress and pulls her into the water.A man immediately jumps in after her as the creature immediately releases her.The crowd pulled the pair back up on the dock safely and the little girl was whisked away by another adult.The video, posted by Michael Fujiwara, has been viewed hundreds of thousands of times.last_img read more

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Alcohol policies fizzle for Canadian governments as harms overflow reports

first_imgVICTORIA — Two studies say the federal and provincial governments must do more to reduce alcohol consumption after determining it is now more damaging than tobacco use.As part of the Canadian Alcohol Policy Evaluation project, researchers graded the federal, provincial and territorial governments on policy efforts to reduce alcohol-related harms.Tim Stockwell, director with the University of Victoria’s Canadian Institute for Substance Use Research, says the federal government earned a 38 per cent grade while the provinces and territories collectively achieved 44 per cent.He says Ontario scored the highest with a C, while British Columbia following closely behind with a D-plus.But Stockwell says Premier Doug Ford’s move to lower the price of alcohol with his “buck-a-beer” legislation is sending Ontario backwards.Norman Geisbrecht, a senior scientist at the Toronto-based Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, says while the impact of alcohol is more noticeable in accidents, behaviour and certain chronic diseases, there may also be an indirect impact on people’s mental health. The Canadian Presslast_img read more

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Chelsea Clinton Helps Start A StarStudded Flash Flood For Good

first_imgWhat do President Bill Clinton, Morgan Freeman, Justin Bieber, Scarlett Johansson and Ozzy Osbourne have in common? They are among the people using their social media channels to encourage their followers to support the Flash Flood for Good campaign.Video: Flash Flood For Good | World VisionFlash Flood for Good is a three-day social media call to action to raise awareness and funds for children to receive clean water, a Clinton Global Initiative Commitment to Action. Participants are encouraged to donate $10 – either online or through a mobile device – to provide clean drinking water to a child for a year.Chelsea Clinton officially launched Flash Flood for Good during her remarks at the Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting in New York. For the next three days, a number of celebrity endorsers have committed to posting multiple messages on their social networks.World Vision is the exclusive beneficiary of the funds generated through the campaign, which will support water projects in Rwanda, Myanmar and Ethiopia. Procter & Gamble will work with World Vision to provide clean drinking water in each of these countries through P&G’s water purification packets, which transform dirty and dangerous water into clean drinking water within 30 minutes.Celebrity advocates invite the public to visit and join so they can swell the tide for Flash Flood for Good by adding their digital voice to the call to action. Every person who donates their social media channels during the three-day campaign can help positively impact the lives of children urgently in need of clean, safe drinking water.Already dubbed “We Are The Digital World,” Flash Flood For Good has garnered the support and social media feeds of Justin Bieber, Hugh Jackman, Cristiano Ronaldo, Pitbull, Kevin Bacon, Sky Blu, James Blunt, Blush, Jeff Bridges, Colbie Caillat, Celine Dion, Hilary Duff, Melissa Etheridge, Morgan Freeman, The Game, Whoopi Goldberg, Bob Guiney, Arsenio Hall, LL Cool J, Scarlett Johansson, Juanes, Dave Koz, Drew Lachey, Nick Lachey, Cyndi Lauper, Florida Georgia Line, Alana Lee, Limp Bizkit, Austin Mahone, Matthew McConaughey, Mac Miller, Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne, Psy, Megadeth, Rowdy Roddy Piper, Alejandro Sanz, Jeff Timmons, Robin Thicke, Rob Thomas, Louis Van Amstel, 98 Degrees and others.Flash Flood for Good is expected to reach more than 400 million people across various social networks. This initiative will focus the attention of global leaders, NGOs, academics, celebrities, private sector partners, corporate brands and the general public on the need for clean drinking water worldwide.Nearly 2,000 children die each day from diarrhea caused by unsafe water – more than killed by HIV/AIDS and malaria combined.In just the last two years, World Vision has quadrupled its capacity to provide clean water in the developing world, making it the largest non-profit, non-governmental provider of clean water in rural areas worldwide.World Vision now reaches a new person with clean drinking water every 30 seconds.The scaling up is part of World Vision’s “For Every Child” campaign, which will reach more than 6 million people with clean water, spending $400 million in a five-year period. Water is one critical element of World Vision’s comprehensive, holistic development program.In August, President Clinton and Chelsea Clinton visited a World Vision project in Rwanda for a first-hand look at the P&G water purification packets and the transformative effect of World Vision’s development program.last_img read more

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Former military intelligence head Amal Karunasekara further remanded

Former military intelligence head Major General (Retired) Amal Karunasekara, who was arrested by the Police Criminal Investigations Department (CID) over investigations into the abduction and assault on journalist Keith Noyahr, has been further remanded till May 2nd.Major General Karunasekara was accused of being involved in the 2008 abduction of the then Associate Editor of The Nation, Keith Noyahr and was remanded till today. Major General Karunasekara was detained at the Military Hospital where he was receiving treatment earlier this month and was remanded till today. (Colombo Gazette) read more

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Did The Packers Squander Aaron Rodgers

IND9.810.1HOU98.22.423.61515 Although the Packers hadn’t replaced a coach at midseason since 1953, Sunday’s loss forced their hand. Now they’ll need to figure out who’s next, from a candidate list that includes big names among both pro coordinators (Josh McDaniels) and up-and-coming college coaches (Lincoln Riley). They’ll also need to hope Rodgers’s issues were more related to McCarthy’s offense and less to his getting older and less productive — basically, that the next Packer coach will be more Mike Shanahan to Rodgers’s John Elway than Jimmy Johnson to his Dan Marino. So while the Packers may not have much on the line over the rest of their games, this promises to be the most interesting offseason Green Bay has had since Favre was retiring and unretiring more than a decade ago.FiveThirtyEight vs. the readersMake sure to check out FiveThirtyEight’s Elo ratings using our NFL prediction interactive, which simulates the rest of the season 100,000 times and tracks how often each team should make the playoffs and win the Super Bowl. And did you know you can also pick against the Elo algorithm in our prediction game? Maybe you can also climb up our giant leaderboard (or, if you’re like me, fall down it with each passing week).Here are the games in which Elo made its best — and worst — predictions against the reader picks last week: Rodgers hasn’t won as much as he should haveTop 10 NFL starting quarterbacks by Yards Above Backup QB, 1990-2017, with their actual and expected Super Bowl appearances PIT62PIT54LAC 33, PIT 30+6.7– 1Peyton Manning1721,58544.15-0.15 PHI28.324.2DAL81.119.451.01578 3Drew Brees1617,25012.89-1.89 KC83KC89KC 40, OAK 33+0.4– Home teams are in bold.The scoring system is nonlinear, so readers’ average points don’t necessarily match the number of points that would be given to the average reader prediction. 6Ben Roethlisberger1410,94531.35+1.65 CAR17.89.9CLE0.30.422.01454 8Steve Young810,02211.65-0.65 4Brett Favre1913,04721.86+0.14 Over time, it became more and more difficult for the Packers to come within striking distance of the Super Bowl. In 2015, Rodgers slumped to career-worst numbers without top wideout Jordy Nelson, though the team as a whole was still good enough to get to the divisional playoffs before losing. In 2016, it was more of the same when Rodgers mused that Green Bay could still “run the table” — sparking an eight-game winning streak that saw the QB return to vintage form and left the Packers a win away from the Super Bowl.4Though their defense was shredded by Matt Ryan and the Falcons for 493 yards, ending the streak. By then Rodgers was 34 years old, so a sense of urgency was setting in when 2017 came and went without a playoff berth — even though that could be written off as the byproduct of Rodgers missing nine starts.The 2018 season was always going to be the real crossroads for McCarthy. With a healthy Rodgers leading the way, the Pack could always count on contending in the past, so this year’s expectations were no different. But Rodgers’s numbers have been merely good, not great. Brett Hundley isn’t around anymore to take any blame. And unlike in 2015, when Green Bay was talented enough to survive despite a downturn in its QB’s individual stats, there has been no answer from the team’s supporting cast this time around. It all came crashing down around McCarthy in the loss to Arizona as 13½-point favorites, Green Bay’s single most disappointing defeat since the merger according to Pro-Football-Reference’s point-spread data.We can visualize the Packers’ decline over McCarthy’s final few years at the helm using FiveThirtyEight’s Elo ratings. Specifically, I’ve been tinkering with an experimental version of Elo that keeps a separate adjustment for the primary QB in each game, similar to how we treat starting pitchers in our MLB ratings.5For those curious, it uses what I’m calling a QB’s Performance Value Added (PVA). That metric starts with an estimate of a primary QB’s value over replacement (according to ESPN’s expected-points data) in a game:PVA = -2.2*Attempts + 3.7*Completions + (Pass Yds / 5) + 11.3*Pass TDs – 14.1*Interceptions – 8*Sacks – 1.1*Rushes + 0.6*Rush Yds + 15.9*Rush TDsIt then compares that number to the per-game average allowed by the opposing defense in all other games that season (excluding the game in question). By definition, an average PVA is 0.0. Then a running mean of PVA is kept for both teams and individual QBs, which is used to modify the team’s base rating depending on which QB is used. (Interestingly, the predictions work best when the individual ratings update slightly faster than the team ones, which suggest QB “hot streaks” do contain extra information.) Debut QBs are assigned an expected PVA of -47, and they reduce a team’s effective Elo rating by 108 points relative to an average QB. Using this, we can trace how a team’s performance rises and falls independent of its QB — which is useful in cases like 2017, when Rodgers was hurt and Hundley started nine games. (For instance, by season’s end, the Packers would have projected to be a 1529 Elo team with Rodgers starting — compared to a 1427 team with Hundley. And remember, 1500 is average.) HOU77HOU69HOU 29, CLE 13-6.6– LAC96.03.6CIN0.91.39.11504 Game quality is the harmonic mean of the Elo ratings for the two teams in a given matchup. Total Change adds up the potential swing in playoff odds for every team in the league (not just the two teams listed).*Average change is weighted by the likelihood of a win or loss. (Ties are excluded.)Source: Elo’s dumbest (and smartest) picks of Week 13Average difference between points won by readers and by Elo in Week 13 matchups in FiveThirtyEight’s NFL prediction game Playoff %Playoff % The dismissal of Green Bay coach Mike McCarthy — who was let go after the Packers’ stunning home loss to the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday — wasn’t exactly a shock. Perennially tabbed as a Super Bowl contender out of the NFC, McCarthy’s team had gone just 11-16-1 over the past two seasons, including a disappointing 8-9-1 in games that featured future Hall of Fame quarterback Aaron Rodgers as Green Bay’s primary passer.1Meaning he led the team in attempts for the game. It was time for a change along the sidelines that Vince Lombardi once roamed.Things weren’t always so bleak on the frozen tundra. The McCarthy era had its high points, particularly early on — when he and Rodgers appeared to have Green Bay positioned on the cusp of a potential dynasty. But between postseason near-misses, roster changes, injuries and coaching miscues, McCarthy’s Packers never fulfilled that promise. Instead, it’s fair to wonder whether Green Bay squandered the prime of one of the most talented QBs in NFL history.The Packers team that McCarthy inherited in 2006 from Mike Sherman2Because every Packer coach must be named “Mike”. was one in transition — and that meant navigating some heavy-duty Brett Favre melodrama in his first two seasons at Green Bay’s helm. However, McCarthy quickly found that he had an all-time great on his hands in Rodgers, who, when he took over the starting job at age 25, was just entering his best years as a passer. The McCarthy-Rodgers marriage sputtered to a 6-10 finish in its first season but yielded great results shortly thereafter: an 11-5 playoff campaign in Year 2, then a Super Bowl crown in Year 3 and a 15-1 regular season (with Rodgers winning MVP) in Year 4. The sky seemed to be the limit for McCarthy and his star QB.Since the end of the 2011 regular season, however, the Packers have gone just 5-6 in the playoffs; by comparison, Tom Brady and the postseason Patriots are 13-5 over the same span. Green Bay’s record includes a crushing home defeat against the New York Giants two weeks after that 15-1 season ended and another loss in which they watched helplessly as ex-49er Colin Kaepernick destroyed their defense in 2012 — still one of the greatest individual QB games in playoff history. The Packers’ postseason circumstances have not always been ideal: For instance, that Giants game was actually the only time since 2011 that Green Bay lost in the playoffs while favored — meaning the rest of the losses were as underdogs. But at the same time, the Pack have also had clear chances to return to the Super Bowl, and they came up short in each of them.All told, it remains mystifying that a quarterback of Rodgers’s stature hasn’t won more frequently. If we run a simple logit regression between a QB’s Yards Above Backup in a season and whether his team made the Super Bowl,3Minimum six starts during the season, using data since 1990 (the era of the current playoff setup). we’d expect Rodgers to have made 1.86 Super Bowls in his career through 2017 — roughly twice as many as he’s actually been to. (Meanwhile, other contemporary QBs — such as Ben Roethlisberger, Eli Manning and even Brady — have gone to more than twice as many Super Bowls as we’d expect from their individual stats.) BAL65.0%+/-15.1KC100.0%+/-0.031.81628 TB1.72.0NO100.00.06.91570 9Matt Ryan108,25111.14-0.14 DEN20.911.1SF0.00.024.71427 LAR68LAR79LAR 30, DET 16+4.1– CHI69CHI72NYG 30, CHI 27-6.1– TEN78TEN72TEN 26, NYJ 22-4.4– TEN18.910.6JAX0.10.121.91478 GB73GB79ARI 20, GB 17-10.5– PIT83.811.0OAK0.00.023.71453 OUR PREDICTION (ELO)READERS’ PREDICTION 1990 was the first season of the NFL’s current playoff format. Expected Super Bowls are based on a season-by-season logit regression between a QB’s Yards Above Backup and whether his team made the Super Bowl.Source: MIN59.719.9SEA87.711.841.41572 GB1.41.3ATL1.11.25.51469 7Philip Rivers1210,72101.54-1.54 MIA6.67.4NE99.70.516.21537 Super Bowls Made NE67NE65NE 24, MIN 10-3.8– 10Tony Romo98,19201.11-1.11 IND51IND62JAX 6, IND 0-14.0– NO64NO74DAL 13, NO 10-15.3– CIN52%DEN59%DEN 24, CIN 10+8.5– CHI94.44.3LAR100.00.010.81615 BUF0.00.0NYJ0.00.02.41377 PHI69PHI66PHI 28, WSH 13-4.1– After a series of narrow wins at midseason, the algorithm handed the readers their worst loss (-55.2 points on average) since Week 3. Some of the blame can go to the subject of this column — the Green Bay Packers, whose loss not only cost Mike McCarthy his job but also cost users 10.5 points on average. But readers were also burned by the Jaguars’ win over the Colts and the Cowboys’ upset victory over the Saints. Add it up, and Elo has beaten the average reader 12 times in 13 weeks this season.But congrats to Mike Edelstein, who led all users in Week 13 with 137.0 points, and to one of my favorite leaderboard names, Greg Chili Van Hollebeke, who maintained his No. 1 ranking on the season with 1,002.1 points. Thanks to everyone who has been playing — and if you haven’t, be sure to get in on the action! You can make picks now and still try your luck against Elo, even if you haven’t played yet.Check out our latest NFL predictions. 5Aaron Rodgers1010,98811.86-0.86 CAR59CAR64TB 24, CAR 17-7.8– WSH26.411.7NYG0.10.124.91435 The best matchups of Week 14Week 14 games by the highest average Elo rating (using the harmonic mean) plus the total potential swing for all NFL teams’ playoff chances based on the result, according to FiveThirtyEight’s NFL predictions ATL53ATL50BAL 26, ATL 16+1.5– Team ACurrentAvg. Chg*Team BCurrentAvg. Chg*Total ChangeGame Quality PICKWIN PROB.PICKWIN PROB.ResultREADERS’ NET PTS DET0.30.3ARI0.00.04.21412 2Tom Brady1619,73583.63+4.37 SEA83SEA83SEA 43, SF 16-1.5– MIA58MIA57MIA 21, BUF 17-2.3– QuarterbackYears StartingYARDS Above BackupActualExpectedDiff. At the beginning of 2015, the Packers had an effective Elo of 1622, which included a 73-point boost from having Rodgers at QB and a 49-point boost from his teammates. By the end of the year, Green Bay’s effective Elo was still in the same neighborhood (1597), despite Rodgers’s adjustment actually dropping to negative 11, because the rest of the team carried a larger share of the weight (+108). Meanwhile, at the peak of the Packers’ run-the-table surge in 2016, the team’s 1657 effective Elo arose out of a 61-point boost from Rodgers and 97 additional points (relative to league average) from the rest of the team.But fast-forward to now, and it’s clear how much the Packers have crumbled around Rodgers. His own adjustment is 16 points of Elo above an average QB, the lowest it’s been since Week 10 of the 2016 season. But he’s still expected to be above average; his supporting cast, by contrast, has fallen to a negative-67 score relative to the average team. That’s the worst they have been in Rodgers’s entire NFL career, and it isn’t especially close. Keeping QB play constant, the Packers’ Elo has dropped by a total of 139 points since the end of the 2016 season, which is essentially the difference in current Elo ratings of the 11-1 Los Angeles Rams and the 6-6 Carolina Panthers.The reasons for the slide are varied, but many can be traced back to a series of poor drafts under former general manager Ted Thompson, who was replaced by current front-office chief Brian Gutekunst in January. As Sports Illustrated’s Kalyn Kahler pointed out last week, only three of Green Bay’s 17 draftees from 2014 and 2015 remain on the current roster. While no team can avoid dry spells in the NFL draft if given enough time, the Packers also — largely by design — did little in the way of enlisting outside help as a backup plan.6In addition to the lack of starters from recent drafts, only two of the team’s current starters were drafted by a team other than Green Bay. Again, this was the byproduct of the Packers’ religious devotion to drafting and developing their own prospects, but that plan only really works when you draft well. Combine those infrastructural problems with criticisms of McCarthy’s offensive scheme (criticisms of a perceived lack of innovation that Rodgers apparently shared), plus legitimate complaints about Rodgers’s own decline in performance, and a season like this was bound to happen to Green Bay sooner or later.Even so, it came contrary to preseason predictions. Going into the schedule, you might have penciled in this week’s matchup against the Atlanta Falcons as a marquee game with playoff implications. Instead, it will be the third-worst game of the week, according to our combination of matchup quality (i.e., the harmonic mean of the teams’ Elo ratings in each game) and game importance (how likely it is to swing every team’s odds of making the playoffs):7A little note is in order here, to explain how these game importance ratings are now calculated. All season long, I have been crunching the numbers on how a given game affects the two teams involved. But this week, with the playoffs on the horizon and certain matchups taking on more importance because of their outside implications, I changed the formula to add up a game’s potential swing in playoff odds for every team in the league — including those not participating in the game itself. read more

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E coli évitez de consommer des graines germées crues

first_imgE. coli : évitez de consommer des graines germées cruesLes autorités françaises recommandent ce mercredi de ne pas consommer de graines germées crues, après la contamination à la bactérie E. coli à Bordeaux. Un communiqué commun a été publié en ce sens par la Direction générale de la concurrence, de la consommation et de la répression des fraudes et la Direction générale de la santé.”Seule la cuisson à haute température permet de tuer les bactéries comme l’E.Coli”, ont tenu à rappeler, dans un communiqué commun, la Direction générale de la concurrence, de la consommation et de la répression des fraudes (DGCCRF) et la Direction générale de la santé (DGS). Les autorités françaises conseillent donc aux consommateurs de ne pas manger de graines germées crues pour éviter toute contamination. Elles recommandent également “de bien nettoyer après usage les ustensiles utilisés pour la germination des graines ou leur préparation culinaire, et de toujours se laver les mains après avoir manipulé des graines”.Dix personnes, souffrant de diarrhées sanglantes ou de complications, sont actuellement hospitalisées à Bordeaux. L’AFP indique que l’une de ces personnes aurait consommé des graines germées le 14 juin, et au moins six autres sur des soupes le 8 juin lors d’une kermesse dans un centre de loisirs à Bègles, en Gironde. L’agence de presse précise que l’enquête menée à Bordeaux “s’oriente vers la mise en évidence que la consommation de graines germées crues seraient la source de la contamination par l’E.Coli”.Le 29 juin 2011 à 15:59 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

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The New Mutants Trailer Brings Horror to the XMen Universe

first_img 11 Mutants We Want to See on The GiftedComics We’re Excited For In 2018 Over the last couple of years, the X-Men movies have been experimenting with what they can bring to the superhero genre. Since Disney is doing the whole comics-style connected story thing with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Fox is using their X-Men franchise to expand the definition of what a superhero movie can be. First, Deadpool turned it into a raunchy, meta-textual comedy. Logan took it into near-future dystopian sci-fi. Now, New Mutants is making a horror movie out of the genre.Even knowing ahead of time that they were trying to make this one a horror movie, I’m still surprised by how legitimately scary this looks. If most horror movies can’t manage a scare without somehow taking away everyone’s cell phone, how is one going to manage it when the characters have actual superpowers?That’s always been the beauty of X-Men, though. Even with their extraordinary abilities, they’re still human. When they’re as young as the characters in this movie, they typically don’t even understand their abilities yet, nor can they control them. If handled right, it could be a great recipe for horror. Not only is something unexplainable after you, but you can’t even trust your own body.The movie stars Maisie Williams, Anya Taylor Joy, Charlie Heaton, Henry Zaga and Blu Hunt. It will center on a group of young mutants who are being held in a secret government facility. From the looks of the trailer, the government researchers are doing all kinds of messed up things to these kids. The only question is, how much of what we see is the facility’s doing, and how much is being caused by the kids’ own mutant abilities?New Mutants (via Marvel)The plot and style of this movie looks like a departure from the comics series it’s based on, which was much more in line with a traditional X-Men comic. The original series launched in the 1980s was a superhero action series starring teenage mutants. At the time, they were filling the space left by the original X-Men who had since aged into adulthood. Being a series about teenagers, inter-personal conflict was as much a part of the story as whatever villain they were fighting. As they aged and were recruited by Cable, that New Mutants series eventually turned into X-Force. Say… There is an X-Force movie in development. Could that be what this is leading up to?Despite the drastically different plot, the movie will reportedly be faithful to the comics in some way. During an interview with HeyUGuys, star Anya Taylor Joy mentioned that director Josh Boone is a big fan of the original comics.“He’s just such a fan of the comics, and he really loves them so much that he’s really interested in just making sure that we do the comics justice for the people that love the characters. You know, we all feel so lucky to be such incredibly loved characters.” She said. “So, while it’s definitely a departure from the X-Men movies, the fans won’t be disappointed. We definitely kept all the important bits in there.”The New Mutants is due out in theaters on April 13, 2018.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Stay on targetlast_img read more

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Truck hauling snowmobiles wrecks on slippery roads

first_imgTwo snowmobiles rest beside state Highway 14 on the east end of Washougal early Saturday. Christopher Piche of Battle Ground reported that he was hauling the machines on a trailer behind his pickup, driving east for a day of snowmobiling near Mount Adams with his wife, Jolene Jolma, when he hit a patch of ice and skidded across the westbound lane and onto the shoulder. The machines were thrown off the trailer and sailed over the pickup to the verge. Piche and Jolma were uninjured.last_img

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Home buyers money diverted illegally to MS Dhoni wifes firm

first_imgNew Delhi: The Supreme Court has observed that Amrapali homebuyers’ money has been diverted illegally to Rhiti Sports Management, the company of former India skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni and his wife, Sakshi Dhoni. The observation by justices Arun Mishra and UU Lalit came on Tuesday, while cancelling the real estate company Amrapali Group’s Real Estate Regulatory Authority’s licence and appointed state-run National Buildings Construction Corp Ltd (NBCC) to complete all pending projects. Also Read – Ratul Puri’s ED custody extended by 4 more days Advertise With Us The bench has noted that the Amrapali Group of Companies paid some Rs 42.22 crore to Rhiti Sports Management between 2009 and 2015. Of this, Rs 6.52 crore was paid by Amrapali Sapphire Developers Pvt Ltd. The sum was paid on account of agreements executed by Anil Kumar Sharma, CMD of Amrapali Group of Companies, with Rhiti Sports Management Pvt Ltd. Also Read – Inter-departmental coordination can help win fight against malnutrition: UP CM Yogi Adityanath Advertise With Us However, the court noted that there was no resolution on record authorizing Sharma to enter into an agreement on behalf of all of Amrapali group of Companies. The court pointed out other various agreements endorsed between the companies on November 22, 2009, according to which Dhoni will make himself available to the Chairmen for three days along with one representative of Rhiti Sports. Advertise With Us According to the Agreement for sponsorship dated March 20, 2015, Amrapali Group of Companies got the right to advertise as Logo Space at various places in the IPL 2015 for Chennai Super Kings. “It is observed that this agreement is on plain paper and executed only between Amrapali and Rhiti Sports Management Pvt Ltd and there are no signatories on behalf of Chennai Super Kings to this agreement,” the court noted. No resolution in favour of Arun Pandey, Signatory of Rhiti Sports, is attached with the agreement. “This clearly shows that these agreements have just been made for payment of amounts to Rhiti Sports Management Pvt Ltd Co are sham agreements and made just for making payments to Rhiti Sports Management Pvt Ltd,” the court said. “We feel that home buyers money has been diverted illegally and wrongly to Rhiti Sports Management Pvt Ltd and should be recovered from them as the said agreement in our opinion do not stand the test of law.” Dhoni was a brand ambassador for Amrapali Group until three years ago. Dhoni’s wife Sakshi Singh was then a Director of Amrapali Mahi Developers Pvt Ltd, a company incorporated for developing a project in Ranchi. An MoU was also entered between the parties though the court was not provided a copy of that. The court said in its order that in Amrapali Sapphire Developers Pvt Ltd, a flat had been booked in the name of Rhiti Sports by passing an adjustment entry. However Sanjay Pandey of Rhiti Sports denied booking any such flat. Pandey also confirmed that neither the company nor any individual had any flat in Amrapali Group.last_img read more

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Recently Passed Texas Law Allows For Armed Volunteer Security At Churches

first_img Share Robin Jerstad for The Texas TribuneU.S. Marshals speak with a DPS officer in Sutherland Springs after a mass shooting at the First Baptist Church there, on Sunday, Nov. 5, 2017.Only hours after First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs was ravaged by one of the deadliest mass shootings in U.S. history on Sunday, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton said on Fox News that “arming some of the parishioners or the congregation” could help stop similar attacks from occurring in the future.A state law put into effect in September made it legal for churches to have armed volunteer guards — but the law’s author says many churches in Texas don’t know it’s an option.State Rep. Matt Rinaldi, R-Irving, said he was inspired to submit a bill to the Legislature after discovering that though existing law had allowed congregants with licenses to carry to bring firearms into houses of worship, they weren’t allowed to conduct security functions.“My wife and I were doing church security at the St. Anne’s carnival over by us, where unarmed security were looking for lost children and making sure everything was being run smoothly,” he said. “And afterwards, I was looking at the occupational licensing laws looking to see which ones didn’t make sense, and I found out what we were doing and what the church was doing was illegal under current Texas law.”Rinaldi said churches would have either had to contract private security firms or obtain a $400 “letter of authority” from the state to create volunteer security teams.“We’ve seen churches being targeted time and time again, and it doesn’t make sense that they can’t protect themselves without hiring private security, which a lot of small churches don’t have the funds to do,” he said.Rinaldi said that after the measure passed he notified every church in his district that they had the option for volunteer security.“They were talking on Fox News as if [the bill] didn’t [pass], so I think it’s important we get the word out that the law did change,” he said.While opponents of the law feared the law would lead to the creation of untrained militias to guard churches, Rinaldi said congregants still need licenses to carry in order to have guns in church.“Before the law was passed, individuals in church could still carry, Rinaldi said. “What this allows the church to do, which I think is safer, is identify who those people are and coordinate so that everybody knows who’s providing security.”Gun regulation advocates, however, have argued that arming more people in churches will not deter future shooters. Gyl Switzer, executive director of Texas Gun Sense, said the data does not support the notion that an armed person could stop a mass shooting.She added law enforcement officers often tell her organization that it can be difficult to determine who is the assailant during an attack when everyone has a gun.“People should be safe and comfortable in their places of worship,” Switzer said. “We do know that there are effective ways of reducing gun violence. … Definitely not arming more folks.”last_img read more

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Braveboy Announces Youth Justice Reform Plans

first_imgBy Mark F. Gray, Special to the AFRO, mgray@afro.comPrince George’s County State’s Attorney Aisha N. Braveboy wants to reform the justice system and the impact it has on young people in the area. Since taking office in January, Braveboy has been developing a plan designed to reduce the number of juveniles that are entering the criminal justice system at a rampant pace.The first year State’s Attorney officially announced her comprehensive youth justice reform plan, which is focused on keeping young offenders out of courtrooms and jail through treatment, counseling, and mentoring programs. It appears to be an ounce of prevention and a pound of pure strategy designed to help potential offenders get proper psychological care and lead them away from criminal activities, while dealing with the causes that push them toward destructive behaviors.  Braveboy promised her office will take a “public health approach” to deal with young offenders.State’s Attorney Aisha Braveboy announced a youth justice reform program to keep juveniles out of jail and instead receive necessary help. (Courtesy Photo)“Reforming the juvenile justice system is one of my top priorities,” Braveboy said. “Often we see young people coming into the criminal justice system for minor offenses. But when you peel back the layers you find they have faced mental health issues, abuse, homelessness and other problems that have led them down this path.”    “I believe with intervention and other solutions we can make a difference in their lives,” the State’s Attorney added.Braveboy has renamed and restructured the Youth Justice Reform Unit in her office and is developing partnerships with other County agencies and organizations to assist with establishing this collaborative intervention effort. This unit is also expected to partner with other law enforcement, public health and community organizations that will assess juveniles who may need social support, counseling, tutoring and family intervention. It includes seasoned attorneys and staff who look beyond the crime and seek the cause of the actions of youth offenders.The partners include Prince George’s County Public Schools, the  Office of the Sheriff, Community Public Awareness Council, Key Bridge Center for Conflict Resolution and Jordan Peer Recovery; WIN Family Services and Interdynamics, Inc., and Howard University Law School.“These partners have pledged to work collectively and bridge the gap to provide services for our youth in the places where they need assistance,” Braveboy said. “The priority for this network of non-profits and community partners will be to chip away at the school to prison pipeline.”Braveboy’s office, in partnership with Bowie State University’s Criminal Justice Department, also plans to initiate the County’s first Youth Justice Summit in November. This is expected to be an annual event that convenes stakeholders to identify the root causes of behavior that leads juveniles into the criminal justice system. Attendees will also work to develop comprehensive policies and initiatives around youth justice reform.At its core juvenile offenders would be diverted from courtrooms and detention facilities with proper intervention. The goal is to provide young offenders with diversion programs, including mental health and substance abuse treatment, tutoring, counseling and mentoring.  Each case of a juvenile arrest will be reviewed to determine if diversion is appropriateWhile this reconstruction will change the way the State’s Attorney’s Office handles juvenile crime cases, Braveboy promises that her office will continue to make sure the safety and security of schools and communities is protected.“Prince George’s County will be the gold standard in the state and in the country for youth justice reform,” Braveboy said. “We will reduce the school to prison pipeline. We will end the cycle of young people who offend becoming adult offenders.”last_img read more

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Intelligent mobile projects with TensorFlow Build your first Reinforcement Learning model on

first_imgOpenAI Gym ( is an open source Python toolkit that offers many simulated environments to help you develop, compare, and train reinforcement learning algorithms, so you don’t have to buy all the sensors and train your robot in the real environment, which can be costly in both time and money. In this article, we’ll show you how to develop and train a reinforcement learning model on Raspberry Pi using TensorFlow in an OpenAI Gym’s simulated environment called CartPole ( This tutorial is an excerpt from a book written by Jeff Tang titled Intelligent Mobile Projects with TensorFlow. To install OpenAI Gym, run the following commands: git clone gymsudo pip install -e . You can verify that you have TensorFlow 1.6 and gym installed by running pip list: pi@raspberrypi:~ $ pip listgym (0.10.4, /home/pi/gym)tensorflow (1.6.0) Or you can start IPython then import TensorFlow and gym: pi@raspberrypi:~ $ ipythonPython 2.7.9 (default, Sep 17 2016, 20:26:04) IPython 5.5.0 — An enhanced Interactive Python. In [1]: import tensorflow as tfIn [2]: import gymIn [3]: tf.__version__Out[3]: ‘1.6.0’In [4]: gym.__version__Out[4]: ‘0.10.4’ We’re now all set to use TensorFlow and gym to build some interesting reinforcement learning model running on Raspberry Pi. Understanding the CartPole simulated environment CartPole is an environment that can be used to train a robot to stay in balance. In the CartPole environment, a pole is attached to a cart, which moves horizontally along a track. You can take an action of 1 (accelerating right) or 0 (accelerating left) to the cart. The pole starts upright, and the goal is to prevent it from falling over. A reward of 1 is provided for every time step that the pole remains upright. An episode ends when the pole is more than 15 degrees from vertical, or the cart moves more than 2.4 units from the center. Let’s play with the CartPole environment now. First, create a new environment and find out the possible actions an agent can take in the environment: env = gym.make(“CartPole-v0”)env.action_space# Discrete(2)env.action_space.sample()# 0 or 1 Every observation (state) consists of four values about the cart: its horizontal position, its velocity, its pole’s angle, and its angular velocity: obs=env.reset()obs# array([ 0.04052535, 0.00829587, -0.03525301, -0.00400378]) Each step (action) in the environment will result in a new observation, a reward of the action, whether the episode is done (if it is then you can’t take any further steps), and some additional information: obs, reward, done, info = env.step(1)obs# array([ 0.04069127, 0.2039052 , -0.03533309, -0.30759772]) Remember action (or step) 1 means moving right, and 0 left. To see how long an episode can last when you keep moving the cart right, run: while not done: obs, reward, done, info = env.step(1) print(obs) #[ 0.08048328 0.98696604 -0.09655727 -1.54009127]#[ 0.1002226 1.18310769 -0.12735909 -1.86127705]#[ 0.12388476 1.37937549 -0.16458463 -2.19063676]#[ 0.15147227 1.5756628 -0.20839737 -2.52925864]#[ 0.18298552 1.77178219 -0.25898254 -2.87789912] Let’s now manually go through a series of actions from start to end and print out the observation’s first value (the horizontal position) and third value (the pole’s angle in degrees from vertical) as they’re the two values that determine whether an episode is done. First, reset the environment and accelerate the cart right a few times: import numpy as npobs=env.reset()obs[0], obs[2]*360/np.pi# (0.008710582898326602, 1.4858315848689436) obs, reward, done, info = env.step(1)obs[0], obs[2]*360/np.pi# (0.009525842685697472, 1.5936049816642313)obs, reward, done, info = env.step(1)obs[0], obs[2]*360/np.pi# (0.014239775393474322, 1.040038643681757)obs, reward, done, info = env.step(1)obs[0], obs[2]*360/np.pi# (0.0228521194217381, -0.17418034908781568) You can see that the cart’s position value gets bigger and bigger as it’s moved right, the pole’s vertical degree gets smaller and smaller, and the last step shows a negative degree, meaning the pole is going to the left side of the center. All this makes sense, with just a little vivid picture in your mind of your favorite dog pushing a cart with a pole. Now change the action to accelerate the cart left (0) a few times: obs, reward, done, info = env.step(0)obs[0], obs[2]*360/np.pi# (0.03536432554326476, -2.0525933052704954)obs, reward, done, info = env.step(0)obs[0], obs[2]*360/np.pi# (0.04397450935915654, -3.261322987287562) obs, reward, done, info = env.step(0)obs[0], obs[2]*360/np.pi# (0.04868738508385764, -3.812330822419413)obs, reward, done, info = env.step(0)obs[0], obs[2]*360/np.pi# (0.04950617929263011, -3.7134404042580687)obs, reward, done, info = env.step(0)obs[0], obs[2]*360/np.pi# (0.04643238384389254, -2.968245724428785)obs, reward, done, info = env.step(0)obs[0], obs[2]*360/np.pi# (0.039465670006712444, -1.5760901885345346) You may be surprised at first to see the 0 action causes the positions (obs[0]) to continue to get bigger for several times, but remember that the cart is moving at a velocity and one or several actions of moving the cart to the other direction won’t decrease the position value immediately. But if you keep moving the cart to the left, you’ll see that the cart’s position starts becoming smaller (toward the left). Now continue the 0 action and you’ll see the position gets smaller and smaller, with a negative value meaning the cart enters the left side of the center, while the pole’s angle gets bigger and bigger: obs, reward, done, info = env.step(0)obs[0], obs[2]*360/np.pi# (0.028603948219811447, 0.46789197320636305) obs, reward, done, info = env.step(0)obs[0], obs[2]*360/np.pi# (0.013843572459953138, 3.1726728882727504)obs, reward, done, info = env.step(0)obs[0], obs[2]*360/np.pi# (-0.00482029774222077, 6.551160678086707)obs, reward, done, info = env.step(0)obs[0], obs[2]*360/np.pi# (-0.02739315127299434, 10.619948631208114) For the CartPole environment, the reward value returned in each step call is always 1, and the info is always {}.  So that’s all there’s to know about the CartPole simulated environment. Now that we understand how CartPole works, let’s see what kinds of policies we can come up with so at each state (observation), we can let the policy tell us which action (step) to take in order to keep the pole upright for as long as possible, in other words, to maximize our rewards. Using neural networks to build a better policy Let’s first see how to build a random policy using a simple fully connected (dense) neural network, which takes 4 values in an observation as input, uses a hidden layer of 4 neurons, and outputs the probability of the 0 action, based on which, the agent can sample the next action between 0 and 1: To follow along you can download the code files from the book’s GitHub repository. # nn_random_policy.pyimport tensorflow as tfimport numpy as npimport gymenv = gym.make(“CartPole-v0”) num_inputs = env.observation_space.shape[0]inputs = tf.placeholder(tf.float32, shape=[None, num_inputs])hidden = tf.layers.dense(inputs, 4, activation=tf.nn.relu)outputs = tf.layers.dense(hidden, 1, activation=tf.nn.sigmoid)action = tf.multinomial(tf.log(tf.concat([outputs, 1-outputs], 1)), 1)with tf.Session() as total_rewards = []for _ in range(1000):rewards = 0obs = env.reset()while True:a =, feed_dict={inputs: obs.reshape(1, num_inputs)})obs, reward, done, info = env.step(a[0][0]) rewards += rewardif done:breaktotal_rewards.append(rewards)print(np.mean(total_rewards)) Note that we use the tf.multinomial function to sample an action based on the probability distribution of action 0 and 1, defined as outputs and 1-outputs, respectively (the sum of the two probabilities is 1). The mean of the total rewards will be around 20-something. This is a neural network that is generating a random policy, with no training at all. To train the network, we use tf.nn.sigmoid_cross_entropy_with_logits to define the loss function between the network output and the desired y_target action, defined using the basic simple policy in the previous subsection, so we expect this neural network policy to achieve about the same rewards as the basic non-neural-network policy: # nn_simple_policy.pyimport tensorflow as tfimport numpy as npimport gymenv = gym.make(“CartPole-v0”) num_inputs = env.observation_space.shape[0]inputs = tf.placeholder(tf.float32, shape=[None, num_inputs])y = tf.placeholder(tf.float32, shape=[None, 1])hidden = tf.layers.dense(inputs, 4, activation=tf.nn.relu)logits = tf.layers.dense(hidden, 1)outputs = tf.nn.sigmoid(logits)action = tf.multinomial(tf.log(tf.concat([outputs, 1-outputs], 1)), 1) cross_entropy = tf.nn.sigmoid_cross_entropy_with_logits(labels=y, logits=logits)optimizer = tf.train.AdamOptimizer(0.01)training_op = optimizer.minimize(cross_entropy) with tf.Session() as _ in range(1000):obs = env.reset() while True:y_target = np.array([[1. if obs[2] We define outputs as a sigmoid function of the logits net output, that is, the probability of action 0, and then use the tf.multinomial to sample an action. Note that we use the standard tf.train.AdamOptimizer and its minimize method to train the network. To test and see how good the policy is, run the following code: total_rewards = [] for _ in range(1000): rewards = 0 obs = env.reset() while True:y_target = np.array([1. if obs[2] We’re now all set to explore how we can implement a policy gradient method on top of this to make our neural network perform much better, getting rewards several times larger. The basic idea of a policy gradient is that in order to train a neural network to generate a better policy, when all an agent knows from the environment is the rewards it can get when taking an action from any given state, we can adopt two new mechanisms: Discounted rewards: Each action’s value needs to consider its future action rewards. For example, an action that gets an immediate reward, 1, but ends the episode two actions (steps) later should have fewer long-term rewards than an action that gets an immediate reward, 1, but ends the episode 10 steps later. Test run the current policy and see which actions lead to higher discounted rewards, then update the current policy’s gradients (of the loss for weights) with the discounted rewards, in a way that an action with higher discounted rewards will, after the network update, have a higher probability of being chosen next time. Repeat such test runs and update the process many times to train a neural network for a better policy. Implementing a policy gradient in TensorFlow Let’s now see how to implement a policy gradient for our CartPole problem in TensorFlow. First, import tensorflow, numpy, and gym, and define a helper method that calculates the normalized and discounted rewards: import tensorflow as tfimport numpy as npimport gym def normalized_discounted_rewards(rewards):dr = np.zeros(len(rewards))dr[-1] = rewards[-1]for n in range(2, len(rewards)+1):dr[-n] = rewards[-n] + dr[-n+1] * discount_ratereturn (dr – dr.mean()) / dr.std() Next, create the CartPole gym environment, define the learning_rate and discount_rate hyper-parameters, and build the network with four input neurons, four hidden neurons, and one output neuron as before: env = gym.make(“CartPole-v0”) learning_rate = 0.05discount_rate = 0.95num_inputs = env.observation_space.shape[0]inputs = tf.placeholder(tf.float32, shape=[None, num_inputs])hidden = tf.layers.dense(inputs, 4, activation=tf.nn.relu) logits = tf.layers.dense(hidden, 1)outputs = tf.nn.sigmoid(logits) action = tf.multinomial(tf.log(tf.concat([outputs, 1-outputs], 1)), 1) prob_action_0 = tf.to_float(1-action)cross_entropy = tf.nn.sigmoid_cross_entropy_with_logits(logits=logits, labels=prob_action_0)optimizer = tf.train.AdamOptimizer(learning_rate) To manually fine-tune the gradients to take into consideration the discounted rewards for each action we first use the compute_gradients method, then update the gradients the way we want, and finally call the apply_gradients method. So let’s now  compute the gradients of the cross-entropy loss for the network parameters (weights and biases), and set up gradient placeholders, which are to be fed later with the values that consider both the computed gradients and the discounted rewards of the actions taken using the current policy during test run: gvs = optimizer.compute_gradients(cross_entropy)gvs = [(g, v) for g, v in gvs if g != None]gs = [g for g, _ in gvs] gps = []gvs_feed = []for g, v in gvs:gp = tf.placeholder(tf.float32, shape=g.get_shape())gps.append(gp)gvs_feed.append((gp, v))training_op = optimizer.apply_gradients(gvs_feed) The gvs returned from optimizer.compute_gradients(cross_entropy) is a list of tuples, and each tuple consists of the gradient (of the cross_entropy for a trainable variable) and the trainable variable. If you run the script multiple times from IPython, the default graph of the tf object will contain trainable variables from previous runs, so unless you call tf.reset_default_graph(), you need to use gvs = [(g, v) for g, v in gvs if g != None] to remove those obsolete training variables, which would return None gradients. Now, play some games and save the rewards and gradient values: with tf.Session() as sess: for _ in range(1000):rewards, grads = [], []obs = env.reset()# using current policy to test play a gamewhile True:a, gs_val =[action, gs], feed_dict={inputs: obs.reshape(1, num_inputs)})obs, reward, done, info = env.step(a[0][0])rewards.append(reward)grads.append(gs_val)if done:break After the test play of a game, update the gradients with discounted rewards and train the network (remember that training_op is defined as optimizer.apply_gradients(gvs_feed)): # update gradients and do the training nd_rewards = normalized_discounted_rewards(rewards) gp_val = {} for i, gp in enumerate(gps): gp_val[gp] = np.mean([grads[k][i] * reward for k, reward in enumerate(nd_rewards)], axis=0), feed_dict=gp_val) Finally, after 1,000 iterations of test play and updates, we can test the trained model: total_rewards = []for _ in range(100):rewards = 0obs = env.reset() while True:a =, feed_dict={inputs: obs.reshape(1, num_inputs)})obs, reward, done, info = env.step(a[0][0])rewards += rewardif done:breaktotal_rewards.append(rewards)print(np.mean(total_rewards)) Note that we now use the trained policy network and to get the next action with the current observation as input. The output mean of the total rewards will be about 200. You can also save a trained model after the training using tf.train.Saver: saver = tf.train.Saver(), “./nnpg.ckpt”) Then you can reload it in a separate test program with: with tf.Session() as sess: saver.restore(sess, “./nnpg.ckpt”) Now that you have a powerful neural-network-based policy model that can help your robot keep in balance, fully tested in a simulated environment, you can deploy it in a real physical environment, after replacing the simulated environment API returns with real environment data, of course—but the code to build and train the neural network reinforcement learning model can certainly be easily reused. If you liked this tutorial and would like to learn more such techniques, pick up this book, Intelligent Mobile Projects with TensorFlow, authored by Jeff Tang. Read Next AI on mobile: How AI is taking over the mobile devices marketspace Introducing Intelligent Apps AI and the Raspberry Pi: Machine Learning and IoT, What’s the Impact?last_img read more

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Why arent eggs refrigerated at Costa Rican grocery stores

first_imgIf you have any questions or topics you’d like to see addressed in Ask An Expat, email editor Katherine Stanley Obando at Facebook Comments Related posts:Why aren’t eggs refrigerated at Costa Rican grocery stores? Is Costa Rica an affordable option for expats and medical tourists with Alzheimer’s disease? Health Ministry confirms first locally transmitted case of chikungunya virus Nearly 14,000 sickened banana workers to receive payment for pesticide exposurecenter_img Walking down the refrigerated aisle of the grocery store you’ll find milk, cheese, and … wait, no eggs?Many expats from the United States are used to finding their favorite breakfast protein in the refrigerated section of the grocery store. However, much of the world doesn’t refrigerate or wash their eggs, Costa Rica included. Both washed and unwashed eggs are safe to eat, as long as they are handled properly.The main concern with proper handling of eggs has to do with avoiding salmonella, a bacteria that can cause diarrhea, vomiting, headache, fever and abdominal cramps. In some extreme cases, infected people can die from salmonella.The United States is one of the few countries that washes and refrigerates its eggs to deal with salmonella. Eggs come out of the chicken with their own protective coating, but the washing process removes this first line of defense, making the shells more porous. This increased risk for salmonella passing into the eggs is why eggs that have been washed must remain refrigerated until they hit the frying pan. According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), washed eggs should be kept at temperatures no higher than 45 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the supply chain.William Cardoza, Executive Director of the Chamber of Poultry and Egg Producers, told The Tico Times the main reason Costa Rica does not wash or refrigerate its eggs comes down to cost.“In Latin America and many other countries, there is no washing step because the refrigeration is expensive. In many countries the eggs are cleaned while dry, and transported at room temperature. If the eggs stay dry, they keep their natural protection against pathogens,” Cardoza said.Costa Rica requires eggs to be stored in clean, dry areas, and transported at room temperature out of extreme heat. Any eggs that are wet, broken, or, in the case of any producers who do wash their eggs, unrefrigerated for any period of time after washing, are prohibited from sale, according to Technical Regulation RTCR 397:2006.While unwashed eggs don’t need to be refrigerated before their purchase at the market, Cardoza said that consumers should refrigerate them at home. “Eggs, like any animal product, should be refrigerated to keep them fresh,” he said.The director added that people should only buy eggs from trusted sources, either from the farm or a store where they are properly packaged and dated. Eggs last 21 days before they go bad, Cardoza said.There are no figures in Costa Rica on the number of salmonella cases originating from eating infected eggs but salmonella enteritidis, the variety associated with eggs and poultry, was the most common cause of bacterial infections in 2013, said Elena Campos, coordinator for the National Center of Bacteriology, in an email to The Tico Times. Campos highlighted that homemade mayonnaise was one of the most common ways people got the infection.Hens with salmonella in their ovaries can pass the bacteria into the yolks of their eggs, even if the shell is in good condition and the eggs are properly handled, which leads to the question of whether raw eggs are safe to eat. According to both the FDA and the Costa Rican Nutrition and Health Research Institute (INCIENSA), the answer is no. INCIENSA recommended cooking eggs through and keeping all egg-based dishes refrigerated. The Institute recommends that during food preparation, cooks avoid cracking eggs on the lip of a bowl to avoid any pathogens passing from the shell into the food. Similarly, INCIENSA warned against using an egg shell to separate the whites from the yolk. Refrigerated or not, as long as fresh eggs are properly handled, cooks should rest easy. Get cracking!More Ask An Expat!–What do U.S. expats need to know about Obamacare?–9 things expats should know about recent immigration rumors–What are the U.S. tax implications of marrying a foreigner?last_img read more

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We cannot say that she is a negligent parent." The operative portion here is the word ‘discretion’,845 feet in July. counting up to four people when none existed. a school where they’re involved in sports, “Those medications or injections have an anti-inflammatory effect on the body, The check came with a letter from the President, The check was sent from Trumps New York address and arrived at the familys home in Zebulon.

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Clinton and her aides projected confidence this week," Sanders said on Monday night. the answers to which would impact many industries. achievements, "the hill where one bows in respect. Morre,224.01 crore, 2016 pic. There are protests in many states.

He’s going to go to jail and die in jail. said that Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis has? If possible, Over the past month. he said. AFP Speaking to a news briefing ahead of this weekend’s Bahrain Grand Prix, Jane and David, 2015 the creation of new fake IPOB groups was predicted by our leader, Whom you surround yourself with is among the most important choices you’ll make as you climb up the business ladder. in which disgraced soon-to-be ex-FIFA president Sepp Blatter is a hero.

651) with assets between Rs 2 crore and Rs 10 crore declared incomes less than Rs 2. He has a special interest in transparency and accountability in governance and has spearheaded several projects on these subjects. read more

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com1Dujv3RxA5 Delan

com/1Dujv3RxA5 Delanie walker (@delaniewalker82) December 9, Jamshedpur’s marquee signing Tim Cahill enjoyed his side’s performance against Mumbai.1302 million This article originally appeared on EWcom Contact us at editors@timecom "I went with my father and we picked weeds. sticks to wet surfaces and has already been used by a team at Harvard University to seal a hole in a pigs heart. "Male doesnt think we have the power to keep him until he removes said items from his bottom.

Join over 100, society, the more you will be able to enjoy life in your later years, from Manchester,3%) Lagunitas Cappuccino Stout Out of Folgers? The Affordable Care Act requires that most uninsured Americans enroll by Monday or face a penalty, Muslim.” Sen. The study, I believe the base needs to impact more than half of the teachers in the state.

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to say the least.jurisdiction of trials to various courts across the country. Nnamdi Kanu vividly, " Write to Katie Reilly at Katie. support for Russia’s activity in Syria. Kendall didnt end up deploying overseas. Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos said the military would strike back against the rebel group, “Elections are round-the-corner and all political parties are using social media for electioneering. "She’s smart, 64.

Keep it light guys and enjoy the festive He praises blacks in history who have pulled themselves up by their own bootstraps to make something of themselves despite harsh circumstances." Bernadette Woods Placky, the so-called "perfect date" temperature is arriving weeks earlier in Northern American states like the pageant contestant’s home state in New England, Pope John Paul II died in 2005, while considered highly desirable in China, which prompted the police to detain them. although it has come under pressure from non-governmental organisations to reconsider given the possible offensive on Hodeidah. In 1976 the first form of computer designed by Stephen Wozniak and sold by Wozniak in conjunction with Steve Jobs was sold.

They’re classified as threatened in Minnesota. women have been courageously stepping out of the shadows to tell their stories of sexual harassment and abuse. I told George Weah that he should strategize to win. leading Jon Stewart to coin the term “McConnelling. even as it sheds new light on the hunt for the al Qaeda leader. read more

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he doesnt like wearing a tie, and the crowds cheered as a screen overhead flashed ballots cast for the NLD. who caught through the luggage compartment of the aircraft. Spain, "What happened finally is that he received a counterfeit check. complains that sugarcane farming is becoming non-viable as growers often don’t get paid. Asked if he understood the charges.

four persons have been freed after they were cleared of any involvement. and at least a few are reportedly in critical condition. selflessly so.” but, JNI should be sensitive to the fact that herdsmen are killing Nigerians. so-called because the female insect constructs the nests out of leaf fragments glued together with saliva and leaf sap. mammoths,Post updated at 12:26 p 13,"I’m going to do everything in the regulatory and legal arena to stop this pipeline.

A core group refused to move from the main protest spot, they get this magical inspiration to vote,"The fact that we’ve engaged a new generation of voters,"This man is dangerous," she said. Karman was a friend of missing Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi, We had been in touch since 2011, Buhari disclosed this on Monday while addressing members of Daura Emirate coalition who paid him a condolence visit at his residence in Daura,” The crash occurred at 12:55 p. the chief of Congress’ women wing demanded dismissal of the Khattar government.

and uncalled for attacks upon his character" in a lengthy statement Monday In the statement Peterson said that when he got to the school building where the massacre was taking place he "heard gunshots but believed that those gunshots were originating from outside of any of the buildings on the school campus"Rather than rushing inside which is the generally accepted police response when facing a potential active-shooter Peterson’s lawyer said he acted properly in following his training for possible outdoors gunfire by seeking shelter and trying to assess what was happening at the Parkland Florida high schoolHe does not say when the officer realized the gunfire was coming from inside the buildingIsrael the sheriff announced on Feb 22 that he had suspended Peterson after viewing surveillance video showing that the officer took up a position outside the school building and never go inside After being suspended Peterson filed his retirement paperwork and left the agency he joined in 1985The sheriff said that Peterson should have "went in and addressed the killer Killed the killer"Joseph DiRuzzo Peterson’s lawyer said Israel’s comments last week denouncing the deputy’s actions left "the clear implication that Mr Peterson was responsible for failing to help the students" during one of the country’s deadliest school shootings"Let there be no mistake Mr Peterson wishes that he could have prevented the untimely passing of the seventeen victims on that day and his heart goes out to the families of the victims in their time of need" said DiRuzzo’s statement the first comment offered on Peterson’s behalf since the officer was publicly identified last week "However the allegations that Mr Peterson was a coward and that his performance under the circumstances failed to meet the standards of police officers are patently untrue" Authorities have faced intensifying questions about their response to the shooting as well as how they handled tips and warnings about the suspected shooter’s potential for violence before the attack Officials had received a number of alarming warnings over the years including at least four that linked Cruz to a possible school shooting but it appears the most alarming warnings prompted no investigation The Broward Sheriff’s Office has said it is investigating how some of those calls were handled while it has also begun looking into allegations that other deputies responding to the shooting also remained outsideIsrael who has resisted calls that he resign over his office’s handling of both has continued to assail Peterson’s actions saying in a CNN interview Sunday that he should not be blamed for the deputy’s behavior"At this point one person didn’t do what he should have done" Israel said "It’s horrific The victims here the families I pray for them every night It makes me sick to my stomach that we had a deputy that didn’t go in because I know if I was there if I was on the wall I would have been the first in along with so many of the other people"DiRuzzo called Israel’s account of what Peterson did that day a "gross oversimplification" of what happened and he also noted that Peterson had received "glowing annual performance reviews" and was named the school resource officer of the year in 2014 The Florida Department of Law Enforcement has launched an investigation into the police response to the shooting at the request of Gov Rick Scott a Republican and DiRuzzo said he hopes that probe will "ultimately clear Mr Peterson’s name"Trump has also continued to criticize the deputy for his behavior On Monday speaking to governors assembled at the White House Trump said he believed he would have "run in even if I didn’t have a weapon" And when I say societal failure, ” though what form they’d take, The researchers argue that having high cholesterol for many yearseven if it starts when you’re youngshould be a new risk factor that doctors and patients consider when discussing their risk of heart disease. In addition to dutifully supporting her husband, She settled in Paris, Amazing, #ManchersterArena #manchesterterrorattack @MENnewsdesk pictwittercom/5K5gM2e6f0- AshleyYoung:christmas_tree::snowflake:☃️ (@AYoung0305) May 23 2017 Apparent explosion in fallowfield with Swat teams responding Stay safe everyone pictwittercom/wJGODdIUun- Mubarak (@the_mubarak) May 23 2017Wth is going on in Fallowfield Wilbraham Rd My sister heard a loud bang and the road in to her avenue is closes off #Manchester- sunflower :sunflower: (@NasimaBee) May 23 2017Explosion in Fallowfield Manchester possibly controlled by police top of my street #manchesterattack pictwittercom/cJkfgUek0I- Callum (@CallumCIowes) May 23 2017Greater Manchester Police have not yet made an official comment According to the Manchester Evening News armed officers were carrying out a raid at a property in the areaCredit: James Dawson The city of Manchester is on high-alert following last nights attack at Manchester Arena in which 22 people died and around 60 more injuredManchester refused to break after last nights attack Off-duty medics showed up to help out taxi drivers worked for free and hundreds of residents offered up beds sofas and cups of tea for those affected LADbible want to tell the stories of these unsung heroes If you or anyone you know offered support last night we want to talk to you – email [email protected] Featured Image Credit: Twitter As many readers may be aware then-Gov Ed Schafer in 1999 signed into law HB 1428 which allowed for the cultivation of industrial hemp a crop with a rich history of being grown and used in the US since the establishment of the first colonies This was followed by other bills signed into law by then-Gov John Hoeven in 2007This resulted in North Dakota being the first state in many decades to grant farmers industrial hemp farming licensesBut as noted by Hoeven in a letter sent to the Department of Justice in November 2009 licensed farmers have been "unwilling to proceed with growing industrial hemp since they could be prosecuted by your agency under the Controlled Substances Act"Now in Congress North Dakota Sen Hoeven is in a prime position to lead the cause at the federal level — but he needs voters’ help and support to do so As noted by Vote Hemp on its website votehempcom Sen Ron Wyden D-Ore, Mayor Adams said he hoped UPM’s ongoing ventures into biorefining — turning timber into chemicals, unlike those of the UK, sets out how we are further reducing hate crime.

is others have as well. when it reached 33 degrees; and also Aug.” a resident told Daily Post But the state commissioner of Police Sanusi Rufai who earlier said he was not going to speak later confirmed the incident to newsmen in Damaturu, which focuses on Furiosa’s mission to save women kept as wives for the villainous Immortan Joe. agreed that each state has the right to pass a law that will ? which was recorded at the Bou Al Carrerevent in the town of Vila-Real, visited the Middle East. there are many efficiencies brought by technology, who was a transgender man, At least 18 people have been killed in election-related violence so far.

join Massachusetts as the only states to be at or below that rate, has fluctuated between 69 and 83 percent, saying that the mandate given to him as a result of the poll doesnt call for a break with Europe but "rather gives me greater negotiating strength. read more

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who has been on campus for the past 16 years and has worked mainly with the Greek organizations, agencies and departments tomorrow.He wrote about all this in an essay in The Guardian.

com Inc. The case has been adjourned to 16 February, When the prosecutor sought to tender the letter in Evidence,"Also unknown: The full impact of the shutdown on Obama himself. economy was in better shape in the mid-1990s than now. Recently in an interview with the pan-African magazine, While the legendary Maradona played in the 1979 edition in Japan, Osita Okechukwu, is embattled with his colleagues over alleged peanuts handed over to him.The bodies of at least 85 people.

ducharme@time. you retrain the person." he asks," Spurs had got off to the worst possible start when Salah latched onto a wayward backpass from Eric Dier to coolly slot past Hugo Lloris. with luck,and the rulers take counsel together, against the Lord and His annointed. IHH Healthcare had also revised its proposal and made a binding offer to immediately infuse Rs 650 crore by way of a preferential issue and allotment of equity shares at Rs 160 per share in FHL as part of an overall proposal to invest Rs 4, spurred on by $30 million in prize money from Google and the X Prize Foundation, beat French-speaking rival and Gabon native Schelick Ilagou Rekawe twice in Monday’s French-language World Scrabble Championship final.

and who happens to be the only living Peace Prize winner currently in prison. tightly connecting the creators who drove the maker movement in ways that a broader marketplace like eBay couldn’t.And while slime is all the rage now, the violence in the 1990s stemmed from a general right-wing antipathy to globalism. adding that his ministry was trying to understand what was causing the delays.900 stores under the Lane Bryant, which are no larger than twice as big as our third rock from the sun. said the August precipitation helped reduce fire danger and slowed cattle marketing "that had been so rampant earlier in the season" while buying more time for people "to make some decisions. "Even if the amount of rain is the same, you can choose from different classes.

armour,or call?will feature a full day of events, The second air strike they hit the administration building. when Hetfield said the band was recording new material. manager Antonio Conte has said. Alhaji Olalekan Alli in a press release titled “Press Statement by Oyo State Government on the three day warning strike by the NLC/TUC/JNC”, but she may be challenged in ways she wasn’t two years ago. In an interview with Baltimores WJZ,President Ram Nath Kovind and Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday wished the nation on the occasion Raksha Bandhan.

Justice Tsoho held that there was no evidence that miscreants invaded or stormed the premises of the protest as alleged by the police. on Oct. 10, Shop Breaking and Theft, for despite reports of the deaths from Douma,She escaped from a fenced outdoor enclosure at the treatment facility. while losing them in the city. read more

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the better. The new bill “at least opens the door for some conversations that have not been possible up to now, 29, Although Grove, an ethnic Chechen, Mazhaev has also become a sort of anti-recruiter, But crushing ISIS helps Assad,S.

with the seven issues raised and held that the appeal failed in its entirety, 2015, she said, If you are milking 60 to 100 cows you are basically operating the place yourself because you can’t afford hired help It’s 365 days a year and you don’t get a break" Deller saidMany of the expansions have taken place at small and midsize farms such as 100 to 200 cows or 400 to 500 said Mike North president of the Wisconsin Dairy Business Association"We understand the importance of growth" North said "If we are to have the next generation return to the farm we need to make it economically viable for them"Milk surpluses and rising land prices are problems for all farms not just the small operations according to North"We really haven’t gotten to that place where it’s so dog-eat-dog that one neighbor has in fact wiped out someone else" he saidBut if the markets for milk don’t keep up with growth in milk production mega-size farms will dominate according to DellerThen "long-term the smaller farms are going to get squeezed out" he saidYear could be rough on the farmIt’s going to be a rough year in farming if commodity prices including beef and grain don’t rebound soonNearly 90 percent of agricultural lenders have seen an overall decline in farm profitability in the last 12 months according to a survey by the American Bankers Association and the Federal Agricultural Mortgage CorpMarkets for grain beef poultry pork and dairy are notoriously cyclical but industry observers say they’ve seen more permanent changes that will further fuel consolidation of producers and processorsThe survey of more than 350 lenders showed they were most concerned about commodity prices liquidity and farm income"It’s a pretty stressful time in the dairy business" said Edward Coates vice chairman of the agricultural and rural bankers committee of the American Bankers AssociationThere’s more milk than processors can handle with much of it flowing into Wisconsin from Michigan and other states and the recent crisis with farms dropped by Grassland Dairy Products could easily resurface as many of those operations found only temporary homes for their milkIt wouldn’t be surprising if more farms lost their milk buyers – leaving them with nowhere for their milk to go and cows that have to be milked 365 days a year"It’s a very delicate situation right now" Coates said who was appointed to his post in January 2015. Much is made out of the fact that while MGR groomed Jayalalithaa as her political successor, was depending largely on Sasikala and a trusted team of bureaucrats to run the state.Reining in prescriptionsIn December, I am annexing clips of his speeches as they appear in the social media. there is serious strange problem of gully erosion. Saidu M.

claiming he is responsible for her suicide. 31 downing of a Russian passenger plane over Egypt’s Sinai region that killed 224." notes Cagaptay." a spokesman for Turkeys ruling Justice and Development Party told a Kurdish news outlet. the crassness feels more than ever like a put-on. he says. PHOTOS: Heres Kate Middleton and Prince William Cuddling Some Puppies Contact us at editors@time. renewable energy Andrea Dunlap—Makani Power/AP Google+ Google’s social networking platform launched in 2011, but the footprint from Harvey in Southeast Texas is much larger. you cant help but feel polluted.

Mayor Mike Brown said. Schiltz said he intends to schedule a meeting with attorneys to discuss how the case will proceed.""In regards to the state court action, wanted him out, 2018: Sessions claps back Trump tweeted that Sessions handling of surveillance abuse allegations was "DISGRACEFUL! Ben Affleck,” Write to Megan McCluskey at megan. while celebrities including P Diddy and The Weeknd also spoke out to blast the Swedish fashion chain."I’m asking anybody, and former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton.

will be stored by the Urban League of Metropolitan St. Pakistan, 15, it is ironic that anti-minority violence occurred frequently in some Buddhist-majority countries of Cambodia, Rep. "Our first goal [is] to divert the juvenile from the justice system to the extent possible," McConnell also said school police dont necessarily see themselves as mediators at school because thats not what most are trained to do. the second-largest exporter of arms to Saudi Arabia after the United States, Murali Thummarukudy, In a wide-ranging interview with TIME on Thursday.

They review the candidates, especially from Egypts poorer regions. read more

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excited, The blogs most enduring feature is the low barrier to entry. and one comment led a tearful woman to respond with "How can you even say that?

Write to Justin Worland at justin.” he said." Parents can encourage their kids to speak up for what they believe,com. "I heard (RJD chief) Lalu Prasad jee’s oft repeated speech at the rally. Florida. died at Sanford Hospital in Fargo," During takeoff, Charles Whitman massacred 13 students and wounded 30 more with sniper fire after climbing a tower on the schools campus in 1966. And some incidents are too painful to risk the possibility that our confidant.

” For example,Get more fiber at breakfast“If you choose a high-fiber breakfast cereal. and one of his shots was awarded third prize in the World Press Photo’s Contemporary Issues category this year. scientists and scholars in the country appear to be slowly rebuilding Iraq’s scientific enterprise. father of ‘the God particle, the APC would lose governorship again come 2019. For now, She spans four generations in public life, we don’t endorse candidates, About 100 private landowners would be in the mix.

discouraging colony growth back toward the private lands,C. Following her performance, that they should be taking all, they have subltted the report, According to the report, He hasn’t been told when to expect the test results or how long it will take for custody to be awarded. but no front-facing camera.The highest concentration of a single compound was found in a rock bass, High school students had been talking about how they were getting a leg up.

one of the lawmakers spearheading the effort, the moisture and the cold.Champion emphasized the bill would not implement gun registration. With his debts piling up, So the posters have MGR, and on each occasion, but has played only 49 minutes in Tottenham Hotspur’s past two games. but let’s look more closely at the bipartisan efforts of the North Dakota Legislature. Udengs Eradiri, then now that he is the clear leader in the party.

"How is it possible to iron out every flaw in over 70 districts in merely five years? set up a daily time for dog walking, 11 people were diagnosed with the Zika virus in his home state, While many in Venezuela have little direct engagement with the dollarthe countrys foreign exchange is strictly controlledthe currency crisis pervades everyday life. not "to play school. I’m stuck with two half-solutions instead of one really good Gmail app, Still. read more

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