Petit slams Ozil He has been a ghost for two years

first_imgArsenal legend Emmanuel Petit accused Mesut Ozil of lacking any desire on the pitchThe former Real Madrid playmaker was brought off by manager Unai Emery at half-time in Arsenal’s 1-1 draw at Brighton on Boxing Day.And Petit has been left far from impressed by Ozil’s mentality over the past two years for the Gunners.“Arsenal were magnificent against Brighton for 30 minutes,” Petit told Paddy Power.“They played good football but, just as they did at Southampton, disappeared all of a sudden.“The quality they had been showing vanished and it became obvious what their weakest link was – the defence. The goal they conceded was awful.“Mesut Ozil was taken off at halftime. I’m a big fan of his, but he has been a ghost for two years.“Where is the Ozil who was one of the best players around, making so many assists and goals? I think he has lost his desire on the pitch, it’s not there any more.”The French World Cup winner also believes Arsenal’s defence isn’t good enough ahead of Saturday’s trip to Anfield to take on unbeaten Premier League leaders Liverpool.Petit added: “In defence they are weak, they’re average. They make individual and collective errors.Jose Mourinho is sold on Lampard succeeding at Chelsea Tomás Pavel Ibarra Meda – September 14, 2019 Jose Mourinho wanted to give his two cents on Frank Lampard’s odds as the new Chelsea FC manager, he thinks he will succeed.There really…“Sometimes you have to laugh. They injuries are not an excuse, most of the players who stepped in are internationals.“The quality they had been showing vanished (at Brighton) and it became obvious what their weakest link was – the defence.“I don’t know what’s going on with some of these players. During the long unbeaten run you thought Arsenal are back on track.“But now I look back at the number of those games in which they were lucky and, suddenly, reality returned.“They need to raise their game mentally on Saturday. I’ve seen glimpses of improvement compared to previous years but you can’t perform for just half an hour against Liverpool.“You need to be fully switched on for 90 minutes, especially away from home.“If Arsenal go to Anfield thinking they can just keep plodding away the way they have been, it’s over – they’ll leave the stadium with three or four goals against them.”Petit played for Arsenal in midfield between 1997 to 2000, where he won the Premier League and FA Cup before joining Barcelona.The Frenchman also had spells with AS Monaco and Chelsea before announcing his retirement in January 2005.last_img read more

Army to Apply New Technologies to Improve Quality of Life

first_imgThe Army is starting to take advantage of emerging technologies to improve the quality of life for soldiers, military families and civilian workers, officials said at a recent Association of the U.S. Army forum. To reduce waits by vehicles trying to enter installations, for example, the Army is considering using facial recognition technology rather than relying on a gate guard to check a common access card or having a machine scan the card, said Richard Kidd IV, deputy assistant secretary for strategic integration.Greater use of sensors will enhance facility management, said Lt. Gen. Gwendolyn Bingham, assistant chief of staff for installation management. Sensors will be able to detect when a facility or system needs attention, or when the building temperature needs to be adjusted. Big data analytics, robots and artificial intelligence also will find applications at installations, reported the Army News Service.Photo courtesy of U.S. Army Dan Cohen AUTHORlast_img read more

Hamilton Pulls Into Los Angeles Brings EduHam To Teens

first_imgWhile the musical itself is exciting enough, it’s the #EduHam educational program for Title I public high school students that really builds anticipation. Not only does the initiative offer teens the chance to see the musical for just $10, students participate in an online course that teaches the history featured in the musical and challenges students to create their own historical performance pieces. They then have the opportunity to perform in front of their peers and the cast of the show.”These kids are writing these incredible poems and dances and songs and scenes, not just from the perspective of George Washington, but also Sally Hemings and Phillis Wheatley — it’s this incredible way to explore how history isn’t told,” Miranda said. “We really don’t treat Hamilton as the be-all, end-all of American history — it’s a musical! It’s as much as we can cram into two hours and 45 minutes! — but it’s been a great jumping-off point.” “Hamilton” In L.A. Goes H.A.M. On Education hamilton-pulls-los-angeles-brings-eduham-teens Twitter News NETWORK ERRORCannot Contact ServerRELOAD YOUR SCREEN OR TRY SELECTING A DIFFERENT VIDEO May 15, 2017 – 1:50 am ‘Hamilton’ wins Best Musical Theater Album Email center_img Facebook GRAMMY-winning musical arrives in Los Angeles along with its #EduHam educational initiative for underserved high school studentsRenée FabianGRAMMYs Aug 10, 2017 – 12:28 pm”Hamilton” the musical rolls into Los Angeles on Aug. 16, and “the plan is to fan this spark into a flame.”The GRAMMY-winning musical, written by Lin-Manuel Miranda, has been tearing up the box office since it opened on Broadway in New York in 2015, and it promises to do the same in Los Angeles at the Pantages Theatre, the musical’s temporary home for 21 weeks. “Hamilton” Pulls Into Los Angeles, Brings #EduHam To Teens The #EduHam initiative grew with the show from the beginning. Miranda says teachers were already using the viral 2009 opening number “Alexander Hamilton” in classrooms before the whole musical was finished. He envisioned kids as part of the experience, but wanted to go a step farther than simply discounting tickets. From there, #EduHam was born.Having reached nearly 40,000 students already, #EduHam follows the musical into each tour city, which has included New York and Chicago so far Los Angeles will be no exception. The production is working with Los Angeles May Eric Garcetti to gather the resources to make the program possible, such as student transportation and meals.Thanks to the #EduHam initiative, “Hamilton” brings the musical to a diverse audience and provides new opportunities for students.”This is not a typical Broadway audience,” said Miranda. “To see these kids experience ‘Hamilton’ onstage — a story told in the music they listen to, with a multiracial cast that looks like them — it’s magical.”Read More: New “Hamilton” video pays tribute to immigrantsRead morelast_img read more

How Music Motivates Athletes Olympian Lindsey Vonns RapEnhanced Workouts

first_img How Music Motivates Athletes: Olympian Lindsey Vonn’s Rap-Enhanced Workouts Twitter Facebook Here’s how music helps the world’s peak athletes reach a higher level of training and performancePhilip MerrillGRAMMYs Nov 5, 2018 – 4:47 pm One thing Olympic athletes such as skier Lindsey Vonn have in common with pro sports stars such as LeBron James and Floyd Mayweather Jr. is their reliance on musical motivation during intense training sessions. Music adds value to many things in life, but its connection to physical performance enhancement has made a wide audience curious whether motivational playlists can help them boost their own fitness.On Nov. 5 Genius details downhill Olympic skiing champion Lindsey Vonn’s personal picks — especially rap and hip-hop — meant to inspire athletes of all levels to push through the common love/hate relationship with training, centered on the song “You Can Make It If You Try.” Vonn’s favorite artists to train to encompass Beyoncé, Kodak Black, Drake, Far East Movement, Jay-Z, Jessie J, Kendrick Lamar, Lil Wayne, Missy Elliott, Nas, Notorious B.I.G., Rihanna, Justin Timberlake, and more — a list that almost pumps you up just reading it.Another 2018 skiing medalist, Cassie Sharpe described music’s invigorating effect, saying, “It really keeps me focused and keeps me in my own space.” This interest in staying in the zone and being in a flow state underlies the wider public interest, as athletes at every level seek higher performance and increased focus in their own lives.Vonn isn’t the first marquee athlete to reveal her playlist. Floyd Mayweather Jr. released his “Hard Work & Dedication” 42-song playlist in summer 2017 before his bout with Conor McGregor. On Apple Music this past Sept., new Laker LeBron James released a 62-song playlist titled “The Strongest.” Hip-hop was also heavily represented in both playlists, and James even took representation to a personally inspiring level by selecting all women.”I believe that African American women are some of the strongest people on earth,” James said. “I grew up around some amazingly strong women and am inspired by the strength I see around, including my mom, wife, and daughter.”Sports playlists are motivating scientific research as well. Last year, an academic paper appeared in Frontiers In Psychology titled “The Sound of Success: Investigating Cognitive and Behavioral Effects of Motivational Music in Sports,” exploring this topic more rigorously. The authors found a distinction between the way music does assist endurance and risk-taking and the way it did not improve the motor coordination of participants in their study. A control group with no music was compared with participant-selected playlists as well as an experimenter-selected playlist including Eminem, David Guetta, Katy Perry, and Kanye West. Comparing their own results with the academic literature on the subject, they considered this a rich subject for further future investigations.As sharing music becomes more of a no-brainer, this practice has become more digital and daily. The group effect among high school students, where friends and teammates listen to each other’s favorite artists, has been a staple of growing up in America. In addition to playlists’ impact on sports training, it seems another dimension being added to American life is answering the question, “What do your heroes listen to?”Steve Aoki Writes Music Soundtrack For Zumba Fitness ProgramRead more Olympian Lindsey Vonn’s Rap-Enhanced Workouts how-music-motivates-athletes-olympian-lindsey-vonns-rap-enhanced-workouts Email News last_img read more

iPadOS makes Apples tablet almost the computer I need

first_img Aug 19 • iOS 13 and iPadOS: How to join the beta, use the best new features on your iPhone and iPad 31 46 Photos More split-screen apps and easy-glance widgets, but with limitsMultitasking on an iPad looks to be better, thanks to apps now having multiple windows open at once. In theory, Google Docs could allow two windows, if Google Docs chooses to update its iPadOS app. But the number of windows, or split-pane apps, is still limited by the iPadOS design. It’s still two panes or apps at once, plus a hovering extra pane on top of that (Side View).Widgets can be pushed onto the home screen now, something I’ve wanted for a while. The grid of apps get moved aside a bit to allow for them. Why not allow a full home screen to be customized, though? I’d prefer the grid of apps to be pushed out of sight completely. Do what the Apple Watch does: Have them appear with a gesture or a button. Or search for apps instead, which is what I do most of the time. WWDC 2019 Jul 5 • RIP, iTunes. This is what happens to your Apple music now Tags Share your voice 1:26 iPadOS adds some key features, including multiple windows in the same app. Scott Stein/CNET I’d love to take an iPad around as my main work machine. I’ve come close. But I haven’t crossed over. The 11-inch iPad Pro is a fantastic piece of hardware. The limits? The software.Apple’s newly renamed iPadOS is a commitment to the iPad platform as a distinct thing from iOS on the iPhone. But it’s already been that way: Many key iPad features aren’t on the iPhone. With iPadOS, the distance between the two is growing. The iPad’s getting some serious tools that will let it handle some of my biggest work needs.”iPad is a growing platform again, which is pretty awesome,” Apple’s Greg Joswiak, said of the iPad platform right now. Craig Federighi told CNET, “It’s become a truly distinct experience.”And yet, it’s not entirely made the moves I expected.ipados-browserBrowsing in Safari in iPadOS promises to finally allow Google Docs to work properly. Scott Stein/CNET Desktop-class browser: Is it a Chromebook now?A full page of Google Docs, menus and markups and everything intact is what I’d expect. Working in my company’s CMS to file a story is important. I haven’t been able to do this well on an iPad before, but Safari promises, at last, that web pages will look like real web pages.This isn’t magic: Chromebooks and Chrome tablets do it. Windows tablets do it. It’s time for Apple to do it, too. This was one of the biggest things holding back the iPad for me. I can’t wait to seriously give it a try.But, to be clear, this still means I’d need to touch icons. Apple’s solution for places where a mouse or trackpad “hovers” is to tap on an icon on the iPad, which will bring up a menu. Then you’ll tap on it again. What if a menu is long, and needs to be scrolled through? Will it be easy? That remains to be seen. The iPadOS public beta in July will be the first great test run, and I can’t wait to see how well it works.Multi-touch gestures for editing: Will they make me forget a mouse?There are some new pinching finger gestures in iPadOS that are made to help text editing feel better. In a document, you’d pinch some text to copy, and unpinch somewhere else to paste. Seeing these in action, they almost seemed like gestures I’d do with a HoloLens AR headset. On a tablet, will they feel intuitive, or weird?Apple doesn’t support a trackpad or a mouse in iPadOS yet, even though mouse support can be set up for basic clicking under Accessibility features. But Apple insists on fingers (and a Pencil) as the key editing tools for now. iPadOS is making a bet that I won’t miss a mouse or trackpad. I bet I will.And there’s another problem with the odd gestures in iPadOS: as CNET’s Stephen Shankland said to me in a conversation, they feel like “incantatory gestures.” You have to know the special moves to pull them off. Comments WWDC 2019: A quick visual recap of Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference keynote •center_img Jun 30 • iOS 13 and iPadOS public betas: How to download and install them now Everything Apple announced from its WWDC 2019 keynote reading • iPadOS makes Apple’s tablet (almost) the computer I need See All Jun 14 • Apple Music vs. Apple Podcast vs. Apple TV: What’s the difference? WWDC 2019 Mouse and trackpad support: Clearly the next stepWhat I really want? I’ve stated it months ago: An iPad that will let me easily edit and control things with a trackpad. A full laptop-like experience, like what I can do on a Google Chromebook or a Microsoft Surface. The iPad is not far from this idea. But there’s no official way to use a trackpad in 2019.Unless, that is, I choose to enable the iPadOS accessibility mouse support, which is clearly not going to satisfy my needs. That feature is intended to help people who can’t use the touch feature easily. The mouse cursor is a big fat circle, not a small pointer. It only works as a single-click tool. And yet it shows that iPadOS can support a mouse, if Apple only worked that support into all apps and features at an OS-wide level. I don’t want just a basic mouse, though: I want a trackpad with multi-touch gestures. I want what a MacBook has. So, Scott, you want a MacBook, not an iPad, you say. No, I want both. Apple needs to solve for both problems in one device. And that’s not an unreasonable request. In fact, it seems like an inevitability. With Apple’s ARM-based processors becoming more powerful, USB-C in iPads, Macs getting iPad apps, and iPads acting as plug-in touchscreens for Macs using Sidecar, the overlaps are already everywhere.  Tablets Computers Hello mouse support on iOS 13! It’s an AssistiveTouch feature, and works with USB mice. @viticci nailed this— Steve Troughton-Smith (@stroughtonsmith) June 3, 2019 iPadOS Apple Now playing: Watch this:last_img read more

CCI fines cement companies Rs 205 crore for cartelisation in Haryana

first_imgIn picture: Workers unload cement bags from a truck near the construction site of residential buildings in New Delhi, India, March 10, 2016. [Representational image]Reuters fileThe Competition Commission of India (CCI) has imposed a total fine of more than Rs 205 crore on seven cement companies for rigging the bid of a tender floated for the procurement of cement by the Haryana government in 2012.  Also read: JSW Cement, other investors to buy out stake in Shiva Cement It may be noted that the CCI had in August last year fined 11 cement-manufacturing companies and the Cement Manufacturers’ Association (CMA) — in two separate orders — a total of around Rs. 6,700 crore on charges of cartelisation, and CMA for facilitating it.Heavy finesThis time, according to a Ministry of Corporate Affairs statement, the seven cement companies, “through their impugned conduct, have engaged in bid-rigging…, which eliminated and lessened competition and manipulated the bidding process in respect of the impugned tender.” The case deals with “procurement of cement to be supplied to government departments, boards and corporations in the state of Haryana,” according to the Union ministry’s statement.The Ministry statement further said: “Accordingly, penalty of Rs 18.44 crore, Rs 68.30 crore, Rs 38.02 crore, Rs 9.26 crore, Rs 29.84 crore, Rs 35.32 crore and Rs 6.55 crore has been imposed upon Shree Cement Limited, UltraTech Cement Limited, Jaiprakash Associates Limited, JK Cement Limited, Ambuja Cements Limited, ACC Limited and JK Lakshmi Cement Limited.” The fine amount is 0.3 percent of the average annual turnover of the companies over the past three years. Fines on cement companies [All figures in Rs crore]IBTimesHow the cartelisation was uncoveredThe Ministry of Corporate Affairs said in its statement: “The bid-rigging has been established from quoting of unusually higher rates in the impugned tender (than rates quoted in tenders of previous years), determining different basic prices for supply of cement at the same destination through reverse calculation, quoting of quantities in the impugned tender such that the total bid quantity almost equalled the total tendered quantity, quoting of rates for the districts in a manner that all cement companies acquired L1 status at some of the destination(s) etc.”It added: “The anti-competitive conduct was reaffirmed through SMS exchanged and calls made amongst the officials of the cement companies.”last_img read more

Massive fire at Churchill Chamber building in Mumbais Colaba

first_imgChurchill Chamber building fireTwitterA major fire broke out at the Churchill Chamber building near Mumbai’s Taj Mahal hotel on Merryweather Road at Colaba, on Sunday, July 21.Several people are trapped inside the building and nearly seven of them have been rescued. The reason behind the fire is yet to be ascertained. Four fire engines have been rushed to the spot and rescue operations are underway.last_img

Port Of Houston Back In Business After Harvey Cleaning Up Ship Channel

first_img X 00:00 /00:57 Share Listencenter_img Gail Delaughter | Houston Public MediaPort of Houston Chairman Janiece Longoria chats with Jim Teague, CEO of Enterprise Products Partners at Greater Houston Partnership’s State of the Port address on November 16th, 2017. To embed this piece of audio in your site, please use this code: Port of Houston Chairman Janiece Longoria said on Thursday that they were back in business about a week after Hurricane Harvey, but the challenge now is dredging all the silt that collected in the Houston Ship Channel. She said that dredging is crucial to maritime safety.Speaking before the Greater Houston Partnership in its annual State of the Port address, Longoria told a packed house that they’re still dealing with what the floods left behind.  She said that silt makes it harder for ships to navigate because they don’t have the proper depth.“When vessels are not able to load fully, that causes increased costs within the supply chain that is ultimately borne by the consumer,” explained Longoria.And port officials are hoping that gets the attention of members of Congress. Longoria says they’re now seeking funds for preventative dredging, to prepare the Ship Channel for the next big storm.“The Ship Channel was closed only five days after Harvey,” added Longoria. “In that very brief time, we had jet fuel shortages. We had gasoline shortages.”Longoria said they need about $50 to $60 million a year to maintain the port’s channels. But they only get about $30 million from the federal government. And she pointed out that shippers are already paying a tax to fund dredging.Despite those challenges, Longoria says business at the port remains strong. She says they’re now handling about 70% of the Gulf of Mexico’s container cargo.last_img read more

Believe none of what you hear

first_imgAll Western names! Irony being we Indians have a richer folklore than the West. But I’m wrong. Faraz Kazi is here with The Other Side who quenched the thirst of many readers of this genre.After writing a love story he has attempted horror. He says,‘I seriously don’t think changing genres proves anything. I write for myself and not for the market and I’m comfortable writing in any genre under various themes of tragedy, comedy, fear. I would rather prefer not being tagged as a genre-specific writer.’ Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’All the stories have an Indian connect. Kazi tells us ‘the book is a tribute to the culture and folklore of my land.’ Two are a must read: Dream Girl and Possession. He believes any ghost story collection is incomplete without touching upon the idea of possession, the merging of a secondary spirit with a human soul. Kazi wanted to retain  a strain of innocence in the story, hence the protagonist is a child and through her we see the world of the unknown and soon see her family also getting involved. Perhaps there is a hidden story of possession in every neighbourhood and readers can make the connection, irrespective of  their believers or sceptics. Also Read – Leslie doing new comedy special with NetflixAs he elaborates  on Dream Girl, Kazi quips, ‘It was a strong subject and it is easily the most graphic story of the lot. Thank god, books don’t have much censorship issues because I wanted this story to come out in its crude form and shock the readers. Simply through the psyche and thought process of one single man who vows to ‘create’ his dream girl by cutting and stitching together the body parts of other girls, I tried to understand our deepest recesses.’He’s also a genre-hopper, evidently. After writing a love story and a horror fiction, now he is working on his dream project,  another collection of stories that involves the coming of age story of a woman! We aren’t scared.last_img read more

Japanese public broadcaster NHK and its UK counter

first_imgJapanese public broadcaster NHK and its UK counterpart the BBC have confirmed that they are joining forces to showcase their Super Hi-Vision next generation TV service at the London Olympics next year.There will be public viewings using the Super  Hi-Vision system, which transmits images in sixteen times the resolution of regular high definition, in the UK, Japan and the US. NHK plans to make Super Hi-Vision available to Japanese viewers by 2022.last_img

Russian service provider ERTelecom has launched i

first_imgRussian service provider ER-Telecom has launched its TV service five new cities – Lipetsk, Naberezhnye Chelny, Nizhnekamsk, Orenburg and Ufa.The latest launches follow those in nine other cities – Yekaterinburg, Krasnoyarsk, Nizhny Novgorod, Omsk, Perm, Samara, Tyumen and Chelyabinsk – over the last two months. ER-Telecom says it will launch the service in all cities in which it has operations by the end of next TV offers a basic HD package of 23 channels, which ER-Telecom says is the largest number of HD channels offered in basic amongst Russian TV operators. The company said it plans to increase the number of HD channels in the offering to 60 by the end of next year. The service will also offer over 90 standard-definition channels, as well as a range of interactive services including access to Russia’s Vkontakte social networking site, video-on-demand, live pause and DVR.Last week the operator added three new HD services – MGM HD, SET HD and MyZen HD.ER-Telecom is providing a hybrid service with TV services delivered over coax and interactive services provided via IP over copper.last_img read more

VCR use in the UK has gone into sharp decline wit

first_imgVCR use in the UK has gone into sharp decline, with only one home in ten having used the device in the last 12 months, according to research by digital-terrestrial TV platform Freeview. However, 64% of UK homes still own a VCR, according to the research.Freeview found that just over half of homes still with VCRs had put the devices into storage and no longer used them, while only 11% of homes had used their VCRs to record programmes in the past year. Twenty-three per cent of households had given up using their VCRs within the past three years.The research found that the average home still had 25 tapes of recorded content, equivalent to 660 million pre-recorded tapes in storage nationwide.Scots and Londoners still use VCRs more than the UK average, at 15% each, as are 18-24 year-olds, 15% of whom also still use the devices.Eighty-one per cent of those surveyed said they now used a DVR to record programmes.Populus surveyed 2,000 UK adults for Freeview between March 8-10.last_img read more